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Player Bios - A question for the community

For the upcoming King of Servers side event there is thought of asking some of the players to create video bios (or we could do Skype interviews) that we can then run throughout the event. The questions to you is, are there any specific players you are interested in hearing from and what sort of questions would you like them to answer? Questions can be specific to a player or they could be general questions that anyone can answer.

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Just have @spags talk about basketball for 2 hours and loop it. I’d watch that.


Can they be cut as wrestling promos?


I’m sure we could get @spags or @aandries to do their best impressions if they do their own bios.

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lol - I have been known to do an Ice Bucket challenge as the Ultimate Warrior.


Since we’ll have players from all over the world, I think it’d be a great time to get hyperpolitical and put teams on the spot. Some sample questions:

  1. What are your thoughts on Edward Snowden’s asylum in Russia? Should he accept the invitation from Venezuela after his three years in Russia have expired, or should he re-apply to Germany, or attempt to make his way over land into Norway so that he can claim asylum there once inside their border?

  2. Should the United States be using drone technology to conduct air strikes in Saakow, Mogadishu, and other parts of Islamic Africa? Given the retaliatory actions taken by the extremist groups targeted in previous drone attacks, can the US continue to justify their use in the search for Ahmed Abdi Godane?


I’d really like to know what I have to say about all sorts of bullshit


Also you could have a grab bag of Celebrities with notable vocal quirks and have a fairly simple interview, but everyone picks a celeb they have to impersonate for the duration at random.

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just film everyone wearing wife beaters and doing impersonations of dan


Every foreigner telling the story of their way to worlds.

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i might be working on something like this (non video) for something launching very soon…


+1 for wrestling promos. I’d get some creamer cups for mine.


I think going the entertainment/easy-going angle is best. It’s supposed to be a fun Netrunner side tournament, so a relaxed atmosphere is best. It would feel very odd to see a very entertaining and fun match shortly followed up on the ramifications of Edward Snowden’s actions - or nations’ policies regarding killing people in other parts of the world. I would certainly do a double take.

It would be like sitting down to watch a football game, and then during halftime, Fox shows a pre-recorded session of Joe Buck and Troy Aikman talking with Aaron Rodgers about US foreign policy. It’s like…“What the hell? I came here to watch football. And hear people talk about football.”

If you feel the need to discuss something serious, it should either be absolutely huge news that transcends card games (IE Columbine, Sandy Hook, 9/11 type news), or probably at least be related to Netrunner in some way (the big movement we had with a code of conduct, or possible cheating, or even money prizes, since that’s been approached before). This is how professional sporting events handle their broadcasts; I think it’s probably correct, and we should follow their example. We take ourselves seriously, and others will take us seriously too (probably preaching to the choir).

Other topics could totally be covered, but I wouldn’t do it during the Netrunner stream, maybe either after or before the games themselves start up. It could be like another segment “Perspectives from the Community” or something, where we can discuss the serious issues together.

I don’t think anyone actually cares enough about that sort of thing to make for fun interviews. If you REALLY want to get people riled up, ask them if they prefer Star Wars or Star Trek. Or at least Ozzy vs Dio, or League of Legends vs DOTA. SOMETHING that actually matters!


Goku vs Superman


Batman would be the winner, obv.


Goku obv

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Superman! They’ve already done a death battle, twice!

I actually think this is cool. I always wanted to do something like this for the Toronto community, so I would be interested to see where you would take this.

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Only because Wesley Willis is dead!