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Plop the Pol. Op


I think your post makes sense from high level view and I’m glad you and others are thinking of new players. I might suggest that the practical way to solve the jargon gap is to interact with new players in a polite and friendly way. This is not uncommon in the Netrunner community and it helps the game in general to treat new players well. A similar question came up on Reddit a few hours ago and there quick replies in general as well as asking to answer any specific follow up questions.

A similar concern was raised about the MWL and deckbuilder creators, like @kiv and @Alsciende, stepped up and updated their deck builders to help new players understand the rules within a few days. Countless podcasts explain how it worked and I’m sure most veterans explain how it worked to new players at their local pub/stores. T.O.'s like myself informed players that the Store Championship after Feb 1st will use the MWL and are available to answer any questions.


I’m gonna go with “Secret Agent Man” when I install him :wink:


Operative. Are there any other cards that could conceivably be called Operative? I can’t recall any.


But PolyOp has such a nice ring to it…


Can we just call him Bobby?


God dang it, Bobby!


Guys, i think plop is the most sensible choice after careful deliberation. You plop cards down on the table all the time, but when you slap this card to the table before you start to attack archives, you can plop Jackson. Just saying, it would be a wasted opportunity to not have everyone saying this. Plop is fun, let’s be fun.

Gagarin Appreciation Thread

I’d missed the instant speed Jackson trash when played from hand. That’s going to catch people out.


It honestly never occurred to me that it’s actually “zee-u”… I’m sticking with “Zu.” But I still don’t like “D4.”


Zu.13 keymaster -> Zuul Keymaster (from ghostbusters)

Once someone pointed that out to me, I could never go back to thinking of it as “Zu.”


Ain’t no one got time for four syllables, that’s the whole point of nicknames!


You could get it down to three :stuck_out_tongue:


Vince Klortho, keymaster if Goser. Zuul was the gatekeeper :wink:


AdjChron is fun to say.


Also, appreciating the card art is important, pancakes for life.