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Plop the Pol. Op

What’s it called? I gotz to know.

  • Polly
  • Polyp
  • PoliOp
  • Pol. Op.
  • PoLoP
  • Poop
  • PolyOp
  • Plop
  • Other

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All of those are good, if we want newbies to not understand wtf we are talking about.


Plop and poop. Look it up noob/dorks

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Other: POp

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Just call it Other

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Where’s the PO option?

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It will be called ‘the Op’.

As in, ‘Pop the Op’.

Like ‘Slot the Clot’, but better.


Can I change my answer? You have a way with words my friend.


I dunno, #SlotThePoop has a nice ring to it.


#DropThePlop #DollopOfPolyp #PoopDontStink


PolOp is what I’m probably going to call it. And using it in game, I will likely say “Pop to Op” as @dragar mentioned.


Yeah the nickname thing gets irritating at times.

The Netrunner community as a whole is generally super welcoming and helpful to new players, but I do remember spending a bunch of time frustrated and trying to search NRDB for “Foodcoat”, “cambridge”, “baby”, “pancakes”, “L4J”, “RegAss” etc.

It’s easier to say “Foodcoats” than “ETF deck that aims to tax the runner with midrange ice and forces them to score 4 agendas while I can score 3 behind Caprice/Ash, using Breaker Bay Grid with Adonis and Eve Campaigns for economy”. It is annoying when the names don’t make sense, or you lack the context (eg, Redcoats), but overall it’s more useful.


Oh fully understood - basically any complex field ends up developing their own jargon and shorthand. I’m not trying to say “don’t do that”

I’d personally prefer the ones where the archetype actually has something to do with the cards involved rather than historical inside jokes or references (is there some reason “Cambridge” relates to the use of Fetal AI, or is it just “this is like that deck that guy played in Cambridge that time”)

But personal preferences aside, I’m just saying recognize that this is one of the gaps in making Netrunner accessible to new players. Just need better references or explanations somewhere. But when the jargon crosses from “short hand” to “inside joke”, the incentive becomes not listing explanations in a handy reference because explaining inside jokes defeats the point.

TL;DR - stop calling everything Shop when it doesn’t even have a -shop card in the deck



“PolOp,” for example, would be a sensible abbreviation. “Pancakes,” while cute the first few times, is mostly just annoying.

(My own pet peeve is abbreviations that run roughshod over the phonetics, like “D4” and “Zu”)


He looks a right slimy character. I’m going to refer to his use as “Mandelson-ing”.

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TL;DR - stop trying to have fun in the context of your game


It’s not a very cute card. The other guy is making a face like he just heard his family is dead.

Despite all of that I know i’ll go with Plop.

Team Magnitude: Ride or Die!

Paging @TheBigBoy :slight_smile:

I anticipate that Poop might be the most accurate for what it’s going to do to the meta.

(edit: I don’t know why that replied to you @hhooo. My bad)

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