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Plz, help me with optimizing my decks

im new in netrunner so build that 2 decks for random meta:


how can i upgrade with with next packs(havant upstalkm just pick neh from friend):
1 core, Whats Lies Ahead, Future proof, Humanity’s Shadow, Creation and control, cyber exodus, opening moves, second thoughts, double time

Regarding your tag/scorch NEH deck:

You have Future Proof so I would likely take Eli 1.0 over bastion, 1 inf each, saves you a credit to rez, cost a credit extra to break or two clicks. To get these 3 inf you might want to drop the roto and Caduceus and bring in another data raven, Draco might find a place since you want tags, or maybe even hunter.

I think you should bring 3 Shipment from SanSan over the two Corporate Shuffle and the Private Contracts, with the Marked Accounts your click economy is already taxed.

Didn’t we help you with these decks last week?