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Prepaid Reina

Runner deck from first Polish regio. 4 wins and one loose by mistake.
Anyone have any experiance with playing anarch prepaid ? :smile:

It’s been discussed in other anarch threads.

But yes

I took prepaid-oracle-val to 4th in a sc with paranoid, aandres, nordrunner, and spags; not to mention some of the wausau crew. Inject is the gold standard in that deck. Almost never pitches anything you need. Found special order/deja vu solved any breaker issues. But, my deck was mostly eater/blackmail. Figured we’d eventually see good “normal” builds once people got used to anarch.

I’m not entirely convinced by Prepaid’s utility in any non-Kate deck. Sure, it helps you in the long run, but it takes at least 3 events, on 3 seperate turns, for it to pay off, and you lose tempo by not being able to Prepaid-> Sure Gamble for two clicks on turn 1.

Maybe I’m just a boring Shaper player far too used to Kate’s ability, though.


Thats what i was trying to change, not to be another Kate ppv player :wink:

It’s totally worth it outside of kate if you’ve got enough events (which you do). I’ll try to take your deck for a spin when time permits.

If cyberfeeder is good enough to see play, so is voicepad. Just don’t play it late if it won’t help your game.

Let me know how it went :slight_smile: