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Primary Transmission Dish & New Earth Hub

Primary Transmission Dish seems to want to give the MN identity to Near Earth Hub. My questions is:

Is this worth the card slot as a one or two of in Near Earth Hub? Doesn’t seems like it will be trashed very often (at all?) and PTD will replace itself with the new identity’s ability. I’m definitely going to try it out in my version of Yellow Jackets, but I’d love some of your thoughts!

Just on it’s own strength? Not really. The MN identity makes certain cards stronger. Primary Transmission Dish is a weak card that combines with a (relative to being in the MN identity) weak card into a stronger card combination, which is not a strong position.

Near-Earth Hub is a weak card? Really?

I agree that the use of PTD seems questionable – the turn you rez it, it only gives one extra to your trace in comparison to what you’ve spent, and a smart runner’ll trash it, but I can see it being handy in a asset-heavy deck where you leave it unrezzed as a potential econ sink for the runner.

Still don’t know that it’s worth it, but it’s got a decent rez cost : trash cost with some small immediate benefit. Certainly not as good as Making News’ inherent one, but I’d say its weakness lies more in how many other good cards I’d take first than it being bad itself.

The problem I have with Primary Transmission Dish is that Making News’s recurring credits are (broadly speaking) most useful in the early game, when the runner might be facechecking Draco, Caduceus, etc. Without reliably having those credits when you need them early, I’m not sure you’ll be able to confidently play some of the ICE that MN consistently empowers.

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referring to tracer Ice

They do reduce the required distance for Sea-Scorching and make Midseasons more useful, too. It’s pretty easy to use them to net 6 credits at a minimum in a game, even without many tracing cards.

Primary Transmission dish, in addition to taking up a card slot and the time to play, might provide a 4-credit swing (3 for its ability, 3 to trash, 2 to re it in the first place) if it gets into a remote server. Useful for later on, by and large, unless NEH manages to make it hard enough to trash that it can just be used more than once. Seems doubtful.

That makes more sense, was very confused.

I agree it’s probably not worth the slot. The 2 to rez is a bitter pill.

However, can we at least agree it’s better than Net Police?

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/agree. It’s better than Net Police!

Definitely better than Net Police, but few things aren’t :).