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Primers & Play Resources

Just wondering if anyone knows of primers and play resources on the Internet? I remember seeing stuff for Jinteki waaay back (the Secret Love Affair with Jinteki thread) and a website for CI7, but does anyone know of other stuff lying around?

As to why: I am wondering of this type of material is something that the community would have any interest in compiling/maintaining and if, perhaps, video tutorials of various ANR concepts would be in any way helpful?

I think the “Run the Nets” blog is pretty good, and has some solid beginner lists. Also “The Satellite Uplink” had some good stuff before he went off in a huff.


Sneakdoor Zeta was a great resource. If you’re more technically minded than myself or know anyone who is, the original creator left links on reddit for anyone who wanted to continue the project.

Edit: For those who are not familiar with Sneakdoor Zeta, it was a resource for checking breaker costs against ice. You chose a breaker and then could see how much it cost to break all the ice of that breakers type.

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I’ve created a similar application to Sneakdoor Zeta which is currently in testing:




Thank you :smile:

You’re welcome. Still working on further features and refining it. Keep an eye out for more improvements.

I hear the Article section of Stimhack.com has some pretty good primers :grinning:

I think it’s a good idea if someone here got editor privilege and started curating outside material. Not saying copying the content found somewhere else, but maybe creating an article with a brief description and link to the source to avoid copyright/permission issues. Is that what you had in mind?

If you’re interested in some places to start looking:

That’s in addition to the other sites suggested. If you do want to collect them in a central location, we can continue this thread with more suggestion as we find them.

Yes. This is what I was asking about. Also producing updated content that evolves with the game as we learn more/build more decks/more cards come out.

The one thing that I like about MTG culture and that is pretty great for new players (or people who want to pick up decks they have never tried) is that you can do a quick search for “[Deckname] MTG Primer” and find a bajillion resources for that deck in 20 seconds.

I think that a Wiki, like ANCUR, might be the answer here. Along with perhaps some YouTube content.

Now, if there is content out there, we don’t have to start from scratch. With the permission of the original authors, we could largely copy/paste with some curation a lot of the fantastic content already there.

Is anyone interested in helping with a project like this?

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I like the idea, but I am not a fan of creating another space to contain all the resources. I think Stimhack is already the premier space for high quality Netrunner articles, so why not expand here? I think site would just need to expand the list of tags and categories and it can become a pretty easy to find what you need.

I don’t necessarily disagree, but I think a Wiki would be better for a lot of reasons: Multiple editors, interconnected pages, media embedding, reverting edits, powerful formatting, etc…

Linking to the information here or on the Stimhack main page would be great, but Sly would probably have to be involved in any website changes.

I think it may be better in many cases to link rather than to copy/paste, because it gives credit very clearly and it reduces the amount of coordination needed with the authors of already-existing content.

I’d be happy to contribute to a wiki or whatever, but I’m not up for helping much with the management/moderation side of things at this point in time.