Problem #1 ^

New way to have fun with chess patterns^.
What is the best start move here, please. ( no mulligans^)

Je vois que ce jeu eveille un grand interet.^ Basé sur les mini jeux situationnels que l’on rencontre parfois aux s’agit de trouver le meilleur mouvement, ou le cas echeant “le coup du texte” dans une situation donnée. Ici le meilleur tour possible en debut de partie avec la main donnée. Le 2eme cliché devoile la 6eme carte (dans la ligne de la main) que l’on pioche en debut de tour. 3 cartes sont devoilées au dessus de la pile pour informer de la pioche. Il s’agit de trouver l’usage des clicks adequate tour 1 pour bien commencer la partie

I see that this game is very interesting. ^ Based on the mini situational games that are sometimes found at chess. It is a question of finding the best movement, or if necessary “the blow of the text” in a given situation . Here the best possible turn in the beginning of the game with the given hand. The second shot reveals the 6th card (in the line of the hand) that is drawn at the beginning of the turn. 3 cards are revealed above the stack to inform of the pick. It is to find the use of the proper clicks tower 1 to start the game well

Draw a card, take 2 creds EDIT: Against crim, draw, cred, ice on HQ, only rez ice if they actually go to siphon

Thx for your response. And your advice. i played too , Draw 1 and 2creds. It was against a kate temudjin. I need Money. Im pretty newbie on AN, old player of Magic, i ve a tendancy to be agressive and wanted to finalize my agenda with biotic labor, draw 3 cards and install a IQ +1 on archives. (Cause to the capability on the resolved agenda. )But my hand was 1 max and i corrupt my chances to win cause my starthand is so good. (Sorry my english)

*IQ +0 and 0 hand size max. I have 2 free advancements token with sansan but i pay the last. Sorry

And the runner have a free loot on archive…

Yeah it’s not a great opening hand, but you have some ice, and as long as they don’t have siphon it’s fine with the ID in particular to just draw tons of cards and eventually find blue level, green level, violet level clearance. With this ID it’s of course important to stay at high credits, but even if you were HB ETF I would probably draw a card for click one, put ice on HQ or R&D (depending on your opponent’s faction) click 2 (which would net you a cred from ETF ability) and take a cred for click 3. It’s all about playing the long game, and if they steal 2 or 4 points from you early, so be it, but better to set yourself up for a good game once you have a board presence than to use all your resources (credits and clicks) to score a measly two points and set yourself up to be run all over for the rest of the game

Thank you for your advice and analysis. Its very priceless for me. Draw/Ice(HQ orR&D)/cred/ seems better. I ll try here to screen others and more hard and interresting situations and decisionmakings.