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Problem reading WC deck ice

The new ice in the 2016 corp deck is driving me bonkers. To start with on the real cards the text is a lot smaller. But it’s the fact that on these cards the text (and image) is crosswise screws things up. So when these cards are used on Jinteki and I move my cursor over them it brings up the image of the card on the upper right of the screen with the text sideways and too small to read. Jinteki displays the cards vertical, but the text is horizontal on the card. I had to go and get a set so I can have the ice beside me to check when I play online to figure out what the cards text is. Guess I’ll have to work on memorizing the cards better.

Yeah in both champs corp decks the ice is stuff you should remember. Don’t worry, you’ll get it locked in after just a few encounters.

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You can turn off alt art in jinteki in the settings. That way the original art will show up.


Yes. I play with the alt art settings turned off on Jinteki in part for this reason. I find it much easier to read and recognize the cards without the alt art versions.

Under the settings you can turn it off. Same place where you turn off the sound effects.

You could report it as a bug to the team on GitHub

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In real life, I (and I believe a lot of other people) love the full-art layout. It’s probably second biggest selling point for those packs. You’re right that the text is smaller, but the sideways layout is perfectly fine since ice is installed sideways (just avoid having a tell that you’re reading the ice card in hand if you’re playing as the Corp). You may have to pick it up the first time you see the ice to read it though.

I can see it as a pain if you have to read the card on Jnet, but the easy solution was already mention. I hope they continue with the full-art WC decks; I think it’s been one of their best ideas in the LCG format. I think you’ll appreciate them too, once you’ve memorized a few of the ice.

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Thanks for the help guys. Apologies to Mr. Walloon for not being able to count to 3 the other night. I’m not that bad usually. Well almost, but not that bad. Will change my ID to the Angry Flem and we will have a rematch.

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