Project ANROM - The mega list of decklists for NEW PLAYERS playing in old metas

I am proposing to create a database of “fun kitchen table” decklists, grouped into several little metas of their time, lets call it Android Netrunner Old Meta decks or ANROM for short.

The goal is to create fun non abusive decks, that are fairly balanced against each other, using only limited datapacks and deluxe boxes and collect them according to their “meta”. For example only 1 core set cards allowed, 3 core set cards, 3 core sets+Genesis, 1 core set + Terminal Directive. etc.

I haven’t really played CCGs or LCGs, A:NR is pretty much the first one for me. One of the things about A:NR that fascinates me is that the “system mastery” plateau is really high, not only because there are hundreds of cards and thousands of different decks and preparing against each of them is nigh impossible, but because the different Archetypes play quite differently and requires knowledge of the meta and the cards in that meta.
For a new player like myself going through the datapacks in chronological order, cycle by cycle, creating my own decks against the decks of my friends is really a lot of fun and if we struggle with an archetype we can go to netrunnerdb or cardgamedb and look for netdecks to help us out (Jinteki was quite challenging for us in the Core and the Genesis cycles, in our opinion Jinteki decks were especially weaker then the other corp decks so looking at netdecks helped us create better versions and helped us learn how to pilot them better).

I understand that for most players, who have been playing A:NR for years, creating decks with all of the cards available is more fun then limiting themselves to an old cardpool, but I guess there are several people like me who like to play the game with their friends in real life, learning and mastering all of the 1200+ different cards of A:NR is quite a challenge in itself, but playing the several hundred Archetype combinations against each other takes months if not years.

Narrowing down the cardpool and creating non competitive, balanced and “fun” decks might give new players an easier learning curve with a higher “funfactor”.

The goals:
0. The List of decklists are designed in a way that a new player could just print the lists and play with them immediately, if they don’t like deck creation or they struggle with a certain archetype they could just try one of these decks and have fun.

  1. The decks are designed with certain real life limitations in mind.
    Does the deck really need 3 SanSan city grids, are 2 not enough? Does it really need that one-of from a deluxe box if it has no other cards from that deluxe box? Do you really need to include a card that lets you shuffle your deck 16 times a turn, we aren’t playing on where shuffling your deck is a trivial thing?
  2. The decks aren’t designed for tournament play
    So MWLs and the Astroscript Errata may not or need not apply. Sure if you create one of these ANROM lists of decklists where each decklist follows the current MWL (and the Astroscript errata) that is nice, but the MWL will change again and the tournament rules shouldn’t bother.
  3. There is no end-all-be-all list of decklists.
    This is actually the reason why I am posting this thread. I am a new player, I make newbie mistakes and this reflects on my deckdesigns too. I certainly don’t know everything about A:NR. If for example I create an ANROM list of decklists for a particular meta, that doesn’t mean someone else couldn’t create their own. I certainly would appreciate their feedback and look at their lists.

Edit: sorry for the typos and grammar mistakes, English is my third language.


One Core set ANROM decklist:

Really easy to use deck, with the best ICE breakers in the core set.

Simple and straightforward Criminal deck, with good breakers.

Standard Anarch with his breaker suite with a couple of helpful Run Events.

Sadly there is no “legal” way to create an NBN deck with only one Core Box anymore, which is the reason I couldn’t publish the NBN list on netrunnerdb. Still this is a nice and solid NBN fast advance, with the scorched earth “killer combo” suite.

A defensive Ice focused jinteki list, trying to lure the runner onto Asset traps.

A standard Glacier deck.

With the standard Weyland kill combo, although pulling it off is quite hard since there are only 2 Scorched earths in the core set. Still because of the economy advantage this deck should still be able to win through normal agenda advance.

3 core set ANROM list:




NBN Kill deck:

NBN Fast Advance:


Weyland Kill:

Weyland Advance:


Genesis ANROM lists with 3 core set cards:

Anarch - Noise in the Shop

Anarch - Whizzard

Anarch - Let’s get tagged

Anarch Ice Killer

Shaper Kate:

Shaper Chaos Theory:

Criminal Gabriel:

Criminal Andromeda:
coming soon

NBN Fast Advance - Small

NBN Fast Advance - Big

NBN Kill - Small

NBN Kill - Big

Jinteki Traps:

Jinteki Glacier:

Weyland Kill:

Weyland “advance”

HB 1:

HB 2:

3 Core sets + Genesis + Creation and Control + Data and Destiny




Single Core set
Here is another set of decklists from Trypios
he actually has commentary and some really nice tips.




NBN fast advance:

NBN Tag’n Bag:




Very nice. I think this is exactly what AN:R needs right now. I’m fairly new myself and I plan to introduce new players to the madness, so this will come in handy. I’ll have a look at your decks and see if I can add some of mine, especially that me and my friends are currently playing with Genesis + C&C + H$P only (Spin + O&C coming up next).
Thank you.

About the MWL:
If you’re only using the core set, I would not use the NAPD Most Wanted / MWL, but when using expansions above Genesis the MWL helps balance the thing. And yes, Astroscript I would limit 1 per deck. It’s a monster.

Also, this could come in handy - a PP presentation about the history of Netrunner archetypes (found it on Reddit).

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Thanks, yeah I am familiar with that document, but browsing through Codemarvelous’ decks or x3r0h0ur`s is usually more fruitful.

I also try to look out for blogs like: Tech Talk, the stimhack blog or TheBigBoys Blog.

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