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Project Shi.Kyu

New way to cube draft online against AI players has been created.


Apparently hotseat drafting and multiplayer will come eventually.


Wow! I do wish I could see what the AI takes after me in the grid draft though.

I love the idea and look forward to being able to actually do a multiplayer draft this way. Seems to have a few issues as is though. I’ve tried to run both the standard and grid drafts against the AI but it seems after a a few cards the rest quit loading.

Hello everyone, I’m the developer of shi-kyu.com. Right now this is still just an early prototype for a netrunner drafting engine. As such, it’s still a little bit buggy, so I’m working on squashing them as we speak.

In hindsight I think I may have released it a bit too prematurely, but at any rate I hope you like the idea behind it. I have lots of big plans for it in the future.


This is great! Thanks for doing this. Ideas for features:

  • a way to view the cube’s base cards (usually some agendas, weak econ, weak breakers are already available for deckbuilding)
  • interface the draft results along with the base cards to netrunnerdb where you can make cuts to shape your deck (would also be super cool if @alsciende could somehow code this as an additional pack, so we could deckbuild normally selecting only the cube-results-pack as the card pool)


I was thinking of doing up a deckbuilding interface when you finish the draft to dynamically build a deck, but was struggling with working out how to specify the base cards for a set. I’m thinking that I might just take the common starting base cards and implement them as an option at the start menu.

I should also get onto @alsciende about implementing a direct upload to NetrunnerDB, but at the moment I have enough things that need doing D:

I have just pushed a new version up that fixes most of the bugs with Traditional Draft. I also changed it now so you specify the total number of cards you want at the end, and then it will calculate the number of packs for you. This should make it more clear as to how it works.

If you guys are interested, I’ll update in this thread whenever I push any changes.


Please do.

Thanks, this is so cool.

Mostly awaiting the “hot seat” grid version someone manetioned (I think on reddit) and you said you were up for. Would be really awesome to mix up the times I play 1on1 with a friend :slight_smile:

Nice! PS. Would be really helpful to see the cards you’ve already drafted on the side, preferably sorted in different categories (ice, upgrade, program, etc.)

At the moment, if you click on the cards that you’ve drafted, it’ll bring them all up in a full screen display. If you click anywhere afterwards, they’ll all hide away again.

They are not currently sorted by type, but that is on the list of things to look into in the future (admittedly relatively low on the list)