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[Puzzle] Maximum corporation credit count


I was thinking about this puzzle for a while today and thought I’d share.

Given a certain number of turns, (starting at the beginning of the game), an MWL-legal deck, perfect draws, and absolutely no interaction from the runner, what is the maximum number of credits a corporation can bank?

To start out, the best I’ve come up with for one turn, (playing as a blank ID), is:
Click one: Subliminal Messaging: 6$
Click two: Hedge Fund: 10$
Click three: Restructure: 15$
Click four: Restructure: 20$

Playing as BABW, I get:
1: Subliminal Messaging: 6
2: Hedge Fund: 11
3: Restructure: 17
4: Restructure: 23

And finally, playing as GRNDL, I get:
1: Subliminal Messaging: 11
2: Restructure: 16
3: Restructure: 21
4: Restructure: 26

I suspect 26 cheddar in the fridge may be the maximum for a single turn. (Again, assuming this is the first turn.) I’d love to be proven wrong though.

Two corp turns is where things start to get a little messier. Here’s what I’ve come up with so far (as BABW):
(We’ll just assume that the runner is busy watching the just-released Rick and Morty season 3 so they skip their turn and stay at five credits.)

1: Subliminal Messaging: 6
2: Hedge Fund: 11
3: Restructure: 17
4: Restructure: 23

1: Subliminal Messaging: 24
2: Install Bryan Stinson: 24

  • Rez Bryan Stinson: 22
    3: Bryan Restructure: 38
    4: Bryan Restructure: 54

And, if you choose to play as GRNDL you get:
1: Subliminal Messaging: 11
2: Restructure: 16
3: Restructure: 21
4: Restructure: 26

1: Subliminal Messaging: 27
2: Install Bryan Stinson: 27

  • Rez Bryan Stinson: 25
    3: Bryan Restructure: 40
    4: Bryan Restructure: 55
    (JUUUUUST edging out BABW there.)

And so, I issue the obligatory challenge. Can anyone make more than 55 smackeroos in two turns?

Bonus hardcore lunatic mode: What about 3 turns?

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GRNDL can get to 29 on their first turn with subliminal, restructure, Stinson, flashback restructure.

If we were allowed to make assumptions about what order the corp’s deck is stacked in, then accelerated diagnostics could put you much higher.

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Oh shoot, I hadn’t even thought about accelerated diagnostics. Yeah, assuming deck order is totally fine, this is all theoretical, after all. That blows my whole post wide open, doesn’t it.

Okay, so the new BABW one-turn would look something like this, then?

Accelerated Diagnostics for triple Celebrity Gift: 26
Subliminal: 27
Accelerated Diagnostics for triple Medical Research Fundraiser: 45
Accelerated Diagnostics for triple Restructure: 63
Runner is flat-lined from shock: priceless

But yeah, disregarding AD shenanigans, I think you might have the one-turn answer at 29.

With perfect draw just use diagnostics.

AD->Gift-Gift-Gift (5 cards, 25 cred)
AD->Blue Lvl-Blue LvL->Blue LvL (10 cards, 33 cred)
AD->Subliminal-Anonymus Tip-Reuse (trash 11 cards, 1 card left, 55 cred)
Restructure (60 cred)

I’m pretty sure this can be at least doubled if somebody think more then 1 minute like I did.

upd: ninjad


Liquidation tagged rezzed cards only. Though, if we’re getting into theoretics, how many cards can we have installed? Perhaps stock buy back cash come into play?

I mean Reuse. Corrected

Don’t have time to work on any optimization, but I think the way to go is to be NEH (extra influence and built in draw), click one should be AD into Shipment from Mirrormorph (install Profiteering, Jackson, Advanced Assembly Lines), Shipment from SanSan x2 to score Profiteering click one. Then you want to play as many 24/7 News Cycle as possible, using AD to play it without paying extra cost, Reclamation Order to get it back, Biotic and Subliminal to gain extra clicks and repeat. I guess you can fire Profiteering at least 13 times during turn one.

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@cmcadvanced I was thinking starting at the beginning of a game, so there wouldn’t be anything installed to liquidate.

But, playing the long game and maxing out credits earned in any one turn, if we assume there are enough agendas to support the increased decksize, I guess the answer there would be the number of install-able things in the cardpool*3 + whatever other crazyness you can pull off. I suspect Jinteki Biotech (The Tank) comes into play there somewhere.

I don’t have time tonight to explore this, but the sheer amount of jank suggested here makes me tear up a little bit.


It’s so beautiful.

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The amount of number pushing involved makes me produce vicious vivacious viscous vials of vomit. But you guys have fun with theoryrunner.

There was an older thread on BGG for the maximum amount of credits obtainable in a game without using infinite combos. That one was fun back then and there might be new interesting ways to do this: https://boardgamegeek.com/thread/1169296/puzzle-max-weyland-credits/page/1

The jankiest thing I can think of would involve the runner having something like 19 1-point agendas scored, 3x Shi’Kyu’s “scored”, 3x News Teams “scored”, a very nervous The Board sitting rezzed in a server keeping the runner from winning, and then you drop a Stock Buy-Back to gain 75 credits.

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You can get over 200c from a single Stock Buy-Back. Someone on Reddit did the math.

Link me? I’m curious on how that’s possible.

All the 0 and 1 pointers + Board means your agenda points are well in the negatives. You can then get a whole bunch of 2-pointers and still not get to 7. Also don’t forget Fansites and Notorietys.

You draw Shipement from mirrormorph, double accel diag, triple Indian stock exchange.

Shipement -triple indian, rez, makes you draw accel diag. (-1c+3c)

Accel diag=> triple subliminal, +1 clic (+12c+2c)
Accel diag=> triple restructure (+24c+2c)
Accel diag=> triple hedge fund (+21c+2c)

Should be somewhere in the 70c.

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GRNDL -> you spend all the influence in two accelerated and two biotic labors

0*. subliminal -> 11c

  1. Accelerated for triple restructure (thats why we subliminal to 11) -> 25c
  2. Accelerated for double biotic and one hedge fund -> 21c , gain 4 clicks (7 total clicks assuming subliminal as free action)
  3. Install and rez stinson -> 19c
  4. Stinson restructure -> 34c
  5. Stinson restructure -> 49c
  6. Stinson restructure -> 64c
  7. Stinson Hedge Fund -> 73c

Hope i didnt fucked up the maths :slight_smile:


Starting hand is Profiteering, 3x Accelerated Diagnostics and Jackson Howard. Mandatory draw a Subliminal Messaging

Click 0 - Subliminal Messaging
6 credits

Click 1 - Accelerated Diagnostics
(Interns, Shipment from San San x2)
Install and score Profiteering - gain 15 credits
20 credits

Click 2 - Accelerated Diagnostics
(24/7 x 2, Interns)
Trigger Profiteering two more times for 30 credits, Interns Jackson from HQ
49 credits

Click 3
Trigger Jackson, shuffle 2x 24/7 back in
Accelerated Diagnostics
(24/7 x3)
Trigger Profiteering three more times, gaining 45 credits

End the turn on 93 credits

You can add two credits by being NEH and installing a Advanced Assembly lines somewhere. You can probably do even more by adding in Biotics and Reclamation Order, but it’s late.

My highest first-turn-no-AD is 35: Subliminal and triple Sweeps Week as GRNDL vs. Andromeda


What did I miss such that you can play 24/7 without forfeiting an agenda?!

When you resolve it with an Accelerated Diagnostics you ignore al additional costs, in this case the additional cost is to forfeit an agenda.