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Quality Time for Slot 46

Is adding a Quality Time to a deck worth going to 46 cards?

I’m inclined to say yes by the following logic. Diesel reduces the # of clicks to draw the entire deck by 2. Quality time reduces it by 1, assuming you had to click once for each credit to play QT. Assuming that adding a QT in slot 46 has a neutral effect on deck size, although could be detrimental to tempo when drawn.

The deck I’m specifically working on runs two Prepaid voice pads, and of course a fair amount of econ cards. QT should therefore reduce the # of clicks by 2-3 having the net effect of reducing effective deck size.

Of course it would be ideal to run at 45 cards with 3 QT and 3 Diesel but given that the only expendable cards are things like a 3rd copy of Kati or 2nd/3rd copies of cards that are live in multiples (Dirty Laundry, Plascrete, NACH, Sure Gamble) it seems reasonable to run at 46 rather than cut a QT.

So, thoughts? Am I on the right track logically, or am I missing something glaringly obvious?

It still reduces your odds of getting the cards you want in your opening 5. How important is that to you?

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That’s an excellent point and an interesting question. The only card I desperately want to see in my opening hand every time is Kati. Which is why I’ve moved up to running 3 copies of her. Everything else is either playable in the opening hand or counts towards wanting to mulligan (Levy, SoT, Femme). The deck expects to draw a lot of cards over the course of the game so I think the answer is not that important. I can certainly play without Kati, and the deck is resilient enough money-wise to play an early QT.

This does yield an interesting second point though. I’ve considered using the extra “space” created by a slot 46 QT to add 1-2 econ cards that I would be happy to see at most times through the game. Probably Daily Casts. This feels wrong but I think I’m going to test it tonight in half a dozen games to see if anything immediately jumps out.

Yes add the QTime.

And then cut something to be 45 again.