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Quantum Frontier Store Championship Winning Decks. (Halifax, NS)

Winning decklists for the Quantum Frontier Store Championship:

Whizzard: Master Gamer (45 cards)

3 x Account Siphon
3 x Sure Gamble
3 x Deja Vu
2 x Vamp
1 x Quality Time

2 x Same Old Thing
3 x Joshua B.
2 x Data Leak Reversal

3 x Plascrete Carapace
3 x Grimoire

3 x Djinn
3 x Parasite
2 x Imp
2 x Datasucker
1 x Medium
1 x Nerve Agent
1 x Pheromones

3 x Knight
2 x Mimic
2 x Corroder

NBN: The World Is Yours (44 cards)

3 x Project Beale
3 x AstroScript Pilot Program
2 x Breaking News
2 x NAPD Contract

3 x Hedge Fund
3 x Fast Track
3 x Biotic Labor
3 x Sweeps Week
3 x Shipment from SanSan

3 x SanSan City Grid
2 x Jackson Howard

3 x Pop-up Window
3 x Wraparound
3 x Quandary
2 x Guard
1 x Chimera
1 x Rainbow
1 x Wall of Static


How many people attended the tournament?

Haha, embarrassingly low. 4. There was a lot of promo too, which ended up netting us spectators, but not participants. The first super nice day of the year up here trumped being cooped up inside I guess.

Do what we do on those occasions and move the proceedings onto blankets outside :smiley:

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I guess it was invitations only, like UK Nationals :smiley:

That’s actually a brilliant idea.

Minor update here… I’m a big dummy and slipped a Same Old Thing into another deck for reasons unknown. Fortunately the deck remained legal as it was (intended) to be a 46 card deck, but in reality it was a 45 card deck. (How awkward would that be to disqualify myself for an illegal deck? Haha…) I’ll see about editing that top post here right about now.