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Question on Sec. Testing

Could someone explain to me why the hell is Sec. Testing any good?
Is it because the meta is just full of NEH and assets that the corp cant reasonably ice them all or is it just a way to theaten archives?
Because it seems to be terrible after the corp ice it up since even with desperado u are probably losing money.

Another thing is that with the B&E breakers coming is the connection be of any help( did someone even test this package?)?
the package:
3xUnderworld Conections
1xHelpful AI
1x ZU

Why all of a sudden did criminal and most ppl stop playing with kati? criminal has even a tutor for it, is it because NEH is too fast that kati doesnt really help?
I keep seeing criminals with zu and helpful AI seems to be an easy way to turn on UC, or is it too slow /unreliable?
ty for the clarification.

I’ll start to answer this one. In short: yes. NEH is particularly vulnerable to Security Testing, but it forces tough decisions on pretty much all corps. Having a legitimate threat to archives is much stronger than you seem to think it is–forcing the corp to spread their ice thin (especially early) is incredibly useful.

More importantly, Security Testing pairs well with other powerful cards like Datasucker, John Masanori, and, like you mentioned, Desperado. You can spend one click for 3 credits, a Datasucker token, and a card. That’s ridiculously good. With stealth Andy becoming more popular, it’s also not uncommon to simply spend a Cloak credit to net 3 ‘real’ credits, which throws a wrench into your idea that Security Testing becomes worthless when a server is iced up. Even if you were paying two credits to break the ice, you’re still getting your Desperado and your Datasucker/Masanori/etc.

All that being said, it can certainly be turned off by certain ice layouts and playstyles, but that goes for anything. Most of the time it can be the backbone of your economy for the bulk of the game and put enough early pressure on the corp to put them in a really bad position really quickly.


Also, one other thing not to be underestimated: even if they have all servers ICEd up, some of those ICE might be preferrable unrezzed (for instance, the HQ stuff). Those would normally only get rezzed after you use a valuable run event (say, Account Siphon or Legwork). In that situation, if you SecTest HQ and run there every turn for money, you’re basically forcing them to rez (and thus give you info on what that ICE is, so you can siphon them better).

Bonus use: sometimes you want the “successful HQ” trigger for Emergency Shutdown and don’t really want to access (say, a Jinteki HQ full of Snares and other nasty stuff) - SecTesting helps you in that case too. More of a niche use though.


Today at my shop’s SC @Webster used sec testing to run on an IG player’s sundew that was too expensive to trash but without wasting a click.