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Quinns Inter-City UK Friendly 2015

Awesome times in London village. The fan-based activity in the UK continues to impress, with people travelling 18 hours on a bus to play some card games and have a beer.

Click the link for moar bloggage innit?


U wot m8?

In all seriousness, sounds amazing! :smiley:
I wish we had something like that in New England.

Edit: Great writeup! Still love the mini-comics on the custom cards.

Then your ancestors should never have left Old England! :stuck_out_tongue:


[quote=“Zebadiah, post:2, topic:4169, full:true”]
Great writeup! Still love the mini-comics on the custom cards.[/quote]
Thanks dude!

[quote=“Zebadiah, post:2, topic:4169, full:true”]
I wish we had something like that in New England.[/quote]
And… you can! This event was community organised - one brave man and his laptop. And some helpers. And a community willing to put some time into travelling and playing cards!

Seriously, you should look at setting something up yourself. All you really need is a friendly bar or venue then getting people into it is word of mouth. :slight_smile:

Quinns did a podcast about setting up the tournament too. Although I can’t remember if it was a SU&SD cast or he was on Run Last Click, or Winning Agenda, or…

Let me know when you find the link… :wink:

Hey hey Team Aberdeen were there bright and early - the stragglers to the start were from places much closer to London. Mainly those who thought they’d be able to find parking in North London.

It was nice to play against you Gaz, that HB/Valencia game was tense enough to get me started on the cocktails.

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Indeed! Huddersfield were last in, although the London team were hardly on time. I was more giving props for the long journey!

It was when Quinns was on The Winning Agenda. Quinns has the advantage of having a good internet and netrunner echobox set up. But I think you could probably get something set up.