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R&D runner options

I was testing some R&D threats and it seems to me that on paper Medium+VBG seems actually the best way to check R&D WITHOUT wasting too much money, what do u guys think?
run RnD to get a token the wait a turn, if they dont purge u can next turn burn ur whole turn and check 5 cards; if they do purge u just wasted money on one RnD run and can do it again. Since the corp cant purge all the time u are bound to get accesses for cheap.

Could u please explain why that wouldnt hold ground in a real match? is it slow or something?
Havent seen many ppl use this approach.

you can actually save the initial RND run if you play Grimoire, which you probably want to with Medium. VBG can be slow, but I think it really comes down to card slots. You are right that VBG is a more inexpensive way to maintain RND lock. I am sure there is a deck that goes for typical early game pressure and then mid game drops VBG and gets the RND lock going. I don’t think VBG as a card has caught on much; whether it is worth the card slots remains to be seen.

I was trying a Quetzal with Darwin since VBG also cuts the Darwin downtime in half but i was having problems with economy since recently ive been feeling like i have no money to do anything, maybe im playing it wrong thats why i wanted someone to test it.

post a list so we can rip it to shreds, err i mean help you

It telegraphs what you’re doing a lot. If you just have the one counter Medium with three counters on VBG, and otherwise no pressure on the board, they’re probably just going to purge and remove the threat from all of them. I’m with @moistloaf in that it would maybe be more beneficial with Grimoire to go “Install Medium, VBG, VBG, run.”

I think VBG only makes sense if you’re going with Hivemind as well. Pumping all your Medium is a lot better than pumping just 1.

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i like incubator because its lets you threaten medium, nerve agent, parasite or a massive datasucker without doing anything and if you run djinn you only need 1 copy. i havent played with VBG yet but you cannot tutor for it and im not sure its the kind of card that warrants 3 slots.