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Rankade ranking system and matchup stats

Hi, Netrunners.

Just another little post from rankade ranking system. We think that our new feature should be interesting in this forum, please tell us if it’s perceived as spam.

After working long hours in the shadows, we finally released the new version of the web app (v1.7), which includes a new, long awaited feature. Each group now contains a new ‘matchup stats’ widget: for each subset, it evaluates wins, draws, losses and winning percentage of each player against each other member of the group.

Norwich Netrunners, which group is managed by @Fridan (as per this post), has 400+ matches recorded in 2016 (and 100+ achievements).

You can switch between rankings using ‘Select ranking’ button. ‘Android: Netrunner’ ranking is a ‘pure’ skill based ranking, while main ranking merges results from matches and achievements. Both rankings have their ree scores, and badges, and stats, and belts, while new matchup stats are available just for logged users, and not included in group public pages.

.mr - rankade staff