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Real life Whizzard


Whizzard’s card art is based on Kevin Wilson, designer of the Android Boardgame.

The name “Whizzard” is taken from Kevin Wilson’s late 80s/early 90s online handle, under which he published several text-adventures and founded an ongoing text-adventure competition.


so that’s why he uses the card art as his twitter profile pic!

does he like trashing other people’s stuff? : ]

LOL. That’s cool. I can’t bring myself to use Whizzard because he looks like a giant nerd. Pretty sure Exile is in the same boat.

…and Noise is just a straight up hipster, and Reina looks like she’s been skinned alive.

You don’t play much Anarch, do you? :stuck_out_tongue:

LOL. Actually Noise’s Future Punk stylings are super appealing to me. I think I’ve run with him more than anyone else. I’m sure there’s something wrong when you start choosing your ID’s on the prettiness of their art. I can’t help it though, aesthetics are super important in Netrunner.

“Deck-building by aesthetics”. Wives and girlfriends everywhere could tell you stories :stuck_out_tongue:

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FFG really needs to up it’s game in the sexy department. I’m sure even Whizzard’s wife doesn’t find him this attractive.

I actually love that this game doesn’t take the idea of sex sells, to those extremes. It makes the game so much more appealing.


Those are gross. Just, no.


Yeah, sexism isn’t cool, man. Not that it’s bad if women want to dress like that - but it’s nice that the art doesn’t look like League of Legends characters.


Hey, watch out, man! Gragas is sexy and he knows it :stuck_out_tongue:

Yuuup. They’re characters, not people, and I appreciate the art being what it is.

Haha! But in all seriousness (and to completely derail this thread), in LoL the male characters are usually funny, or super buff, or whatever - yet the vast majority of female characters are super sexy. I’d love to see a female version of someone like Gragas.

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Since we’re derailed anyway…

My two favorites are Jinx and Vi, precisely for that reason - they’re not completely oversexualized, and Jinx is even flat-chested(!!!).

Totally agree on that. Jinx seems like a “real” person.

Sheesh you guys are super cereal. XD

One of the first things that appealed to me about Netrunner was that the Core set included a female runner who was dressed for utility.

Netrunner is not a censored, sexless world. Straight out of Core, the Adonis and PAD Campaigns prove that. But if the Runners are going to position themselves in opposition to the corporations, they aren’t going to present themselves like the Pin-Ups present in the Corporate marketing campaigns.

Since Kate, we’ve seen the female Runners be increasingly sexualized, but I don’t think the line has been crossed where they’re wearing non-functional clothing that is un-realistic for their chosen profession, being on the run from the corps. The one exception is Andromeda, who is the token “I use my looks to get what I want” Runner, and that’s fine by me especially since the image she presents is equal parts high society and sultry, and not purely sexualized. Her backstory is as much about the manipulation of economic class structure as it is about the use of sex as a tool to achieve power.

These are surprisingly nuanced characters living in a surprisingly nuanced world given the fact that we only have a few pieces of artwork and bits of flavour text to go on, along with occasionally a very short excerpt from each Runner’s life included in each data pack.


I actually browsed through my collection to find what the ‘worst offenders’ for sexualised content is. It’s actually probably Notoriety, where the Runner (Smoke?) is showing a whole load of cleavage for no good reason. Dirty Laundry is possibly the next most ‘risque’ of all the cards, but it’s thematic there.

I’ve not really noticed any other Runner being presented as sexy for the sake of it. Andromeda is wearing a dress, which she’s supposed to be doing since she’s an aristocrat. Reina has a no-skin thing going on, which is more akin to some sort of Crypsis suit. Silhouette has her Blackguard costume. Both are curve hugging outfits, but neither are anywhere close to spandex territory. Chaos Theory is a young girl (not sure on how young?) but her clothing is pretty practical. Kit wears a jacket to cover a cyborg body. Leela Patel is wearing a very unflattering outfit.

I like the RP stuff don’t get me wrong. I thought this was a joke thread TBH. Me, I don’t really care about sexiness in a card game whatsoever, but I always prefer to have an emotional attachment to the aesthetic of the identity, their story and RP kind of stuff, and that makes the game more interesting to me. It’s why I’d always rather run with Noise or Stirling, or Corp with Nisei. Those corps RP and aesthetic intrigue me in a way Andromeda never ever could. I know this places me on the back-foot, because technically she is the strongest runner, and technically, I suppose, Whizzard is the strongest Anarch. But I won’t run with them for this reason.

That is as serious as I’m prepared to be on this thread XD

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