Rebellion without Rehearsal Number Crunch and Spoiler Tracker

# Name Faction Type Source
66 Sebastião Souza Pessoa: Activist Organizer Anarch Identity: G-mod Source
67 Eye for an Eye Anarch Event: Run Source
68 Privileged Access Anarch Event: Run Source
69 Amanuensis Anarch Hardware: Console Source
70 The Wizard’s Chest Anarch Hardware Source
71 Boi-tatá Anarch Program: Icebreaker - Killer Source
72 Heliamphora Anarch Program: Virus Source
73 Arruaceiras Crew Anarch Resource: Connection - Seedy Source
74 Friend of a Friend Anarch Resource: Connection Source
75 Manuel Lattes de Moura Anarch Resource: Connection Source
76 Meeting of Minds Criminal Event Source
77 Window of Opportunity Criminal Event: Run Source
78 Alarm Clock Criminal Hardware Source
79 Jeitinho Criminal Hardware: Weapon Source
80 Cupellation Criminal Program Source
81 Malandragem Criminal Program Source
82 Physarum Entangler Criminal Program: Virus - Trojan Source
83 Amelia Earhart Criminal Resource: Virtual - Companion Source
84 Juli Moreira Lee Criminal Resource: Connection Source
85 Burner Shaper Event: Run Source
86 Spree Shaper Event: Run Source
87 Trick Shot Shaper Event: Run Source
88 Cataloguer Shaper Hardware Source
89 Coalescence Shaper Program Source
90 Lobismem Shaper Program: Icebreaker - Decoder - Fracter Source
91 Muse Shaper Program: Daemon Source
92 Pressure Spike Shaper Program: Icebreaker - Fracter Source
93 “Pretty” Mary Da Silva Shaper Resource: Connection - Seedy Source
94 Ashen Epilogue Neutral Event Source
95 Valentina Ferreria Carvalho Neutral Resource: Connection Source
96 Thunderbolt Armaments: Peace Through Power Haas-Bioroid Identity: Division Source
97 Lightning Laboratory Haas-Bioroid Agenda: Research Source
98 Warm Reception Haas-Bioroid Asset: Political - Ritzy Source
99 Working Prototype Haas-Bioroid Asset: Hostile Source
100 Lycian Multi-Munition Haas-Bioroid Ice: Mythic - Destroyer Source
101 Sorocaban Blade Haas-Bioroid Ice: Sentry - Destroyer Source
102 Active Policing Haas-Bioroid Operation: Terminal - Grey Ops Source
103 Corporate Hospitality Haas-Bioroid Operation: Double - Transaction Source
104 Brasília Government Grid Haas-Bioroid Upgrade: Region Source
105 See How They Run Jinteki Agenda: Psi - Security Source
106 Sisyphus Protocol Jinteki Agenda: Security Source
107 Charlotte Caçador Jinteki Asset: Clone Source
108 Cohort Guidance Program Jinteki Asset: Clone Source
109 Boto Jinteki Ice: Barrier - AP Source
110 Cloud Eater Jinteki Ice: Sentry - AP - Destroyer - Observer Source
111 Tributary Jinteki Ice: Code Gate Source
112 Bring them Home Jinteki Operation: Terminal - Black Ops Source
113 Kingmaking NBN Agenda: Research Source
114 Stoke the Embers NBN Agenda: Initative Source
115 Janaina “JK” Dumont Kindelan NBN Asset: Academic - Clone Source
116 Capacitor NBN Ice: Barrier Source
117 Piranhas NBN Ice: Code Gate - Illicit - AP Source
118 Seraph NBN Ice: Sentry - AP - Observer - Deep Net Source
119 Sudden Commandment NBN Operation: Mandate Source
120 The Holo Man NBN Upgrade: Academic - Executive - Sysop Source
121 Nuvem SA: The Law of the Land Weyland Identity: Corp Source
122 Eminent Domain Weyland Agenda: Expansion - Expendable Source
123 The Basalt Spire Weyland Agenda Source
124 Hearts and Minds Weyland Asset: Political Source
125 Descent Weyland Ice: Code Gate - Expendable Source
126 Hammer Weyland Ice: Sentry - Destroyer - Observer Source
127 Logjam Weyland Ice: Barrier Source
128 Business as Usual Weyland Operation: Gray Ops Source
129 Isaac Liberdade Weyland Upgrade: Bioroid Sysop Source
130 The Powers That Be Neutral Asset: Ritzy Source

Bold are confirmed cards and numbers. Italics are speculation. Regular font are confirmed information with missing parts (e.g. we know there are Sysops but we don’t know their names or their numbers).

Teasers from the Cycle announcement article. Note that some of them have been completed in The Automata Initiative. With comments.

  • Lots of new connections, so you can build your revolutionary crew.
  • A cycle of sysops that all share an ability. NBN Sysop must be in Rebellion without Rehearsal
  • A Shaper run event that targets HQ. Confirmed with Burner
  • A new 3-point agenda (sort of) for every Corp faction. Weyland’s is in this set.
  • Three new weapons. All three in The Automata Initiative.
  • A subtype combination that has only appeared on one other card. “Connection - Location” on Lago Paranoa Shelter, previously only on Aesops Pawnshop
  • The first bioroid Corp card outside of HB B-1001, and the first card with both the clone and bioroid subtypes. Wage Workers

Teasers from Rebellion without Rehearsal announcement article.

  • A new operation subtype Mandate
  • More threat cards
  • A 10-cost ice Cloud Eater
  • Two new cards with the academic subtype Janaina “JK” Dumont Kindelan and The Holo Man
  • The first ever card with both the executive and sysop subtypes The Holo Man
  • A new Runner win condition Jeitinho
  • A new mythic ice Lycian Multi-Munition
  • A 2 influence Neutral event Ashen Epilogue

I decided to do the Number crunch and spoiler tracker here instead of Reddit because reddit kind of sucks.



  • Added basic structure based on a previous The Automata Initiative
  • Added cards from Announcement Article
  • Added items based on previous information

The name of the HB card is Corporate Hoshiko.

Hope this helps.


I’m assuming based on the art (and what’s visible of the flavour text) that #103 is named Corporate Hospitality. Some of the rule text is visible – it looks like rule text for a double (or possibly a triple), although (oddly) the line break is in a different place than it is on Distributed Tracing (it matches the line break in the FFG rules text instead, as seen on Blue Level Clearance). The rules text starting “Gain 6[c]” also make it likely to be a transaction (although gaining only 2[c] as a double means that the other, hidden effect has to be pretty good; “from Archives” is visible, so my guess is that it’s installing a card from there, maybe with restrictions on what can be installed).

The visible “(If it was […]” reminder text on Cupellation is interesting, and doesn’t seem to match any existing card, so I’m guessing there’s some unique mechanic involved. The end of the first line is likely “[ag]enda card you are”. (The other visible letters on the second line are “am”, most likely the end of “program”.) Fourth line likely ends “[th]is program has a”, and I suspect some kind of counter is mentioned next, most plausibly power counters. I don’t have a good handle on what the card is doing from how much of the text is visible.

The Jinteki sentry’s second subroutine starts "give the ", which is usually followed by “Runner”, which is usually followed by “1 tag”, although exceptions are possible. The third subroutine is fully visible (doing 3 net damage). Neither of those subroutines give any reason for the destroyer subtype, so I assume the first subroutine is responsible for that. (And wow, 6 strength and 3 subroutines, of at which at least 1 is painful, means that this is going to be a pretty nasty piece of ICE to get hit by – I wonder if this is meant as a replacement for when Anansi rotates?)

The first paragraph on the Weyland 5-cost agenda (which I agree is almost certainly a 5/3) could be “[When the Runner ste]als this agenda, you [may add 1 card from] Archives to HQ”, although that’s a bit weird in color pie terms (that’s an HB or possibly Jinteki ability on a Weyland card) – maybe there are restrictions on what can be added. The second paragraph probably starts “[When you score this a]genda, place 2”, although it’s not 100% obvious what’s being placed; advancement counters seem weird on a 5/3, so it’s more likely agenda counters. There appears to be a third paragraph for which the first line ends with the name of a subtype (it’s in bold, which is normally only used for subtypes), but I can’t quite make it out; any ideas?

The Jinteki 5-cost 6-strength code gate 's last subroutine is probably “End [the run if there are more cards] in HQ than in the grip” (although it could be “fewer cards”). There’s space for 1 or 2 subroutines before that; NBN is allowed to both draw cards, and to force the Runner to discard or shuffle cards from the grip, and I would be very surprised if it didn’t have at least one of those effects (and quite possibly both).

As for the other two cards, Burner is fully visible, and the Anarch identity has a fully obscured textbox (about the most that can be made out is that it likely doesn’t have many subtypes).

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NBN’s new ICE has the AP subtype, and the flavour text says, “Eat, grow, deny.” I’m betting it has three subs:

→ Do 1 net damage
→ You may draw 1 card
→ End the run if there are more cards in HQ than in the grip

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Spoiler Season is finally kicking off proper. I will try to update the list as soon as I can.


Thank you for this tracker!!!

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Loving the work you’re going in this thread! Here’s a little reward for your effort!

The Basalt Spire
Weyland Agenda
Advancement requirement: 5 – Agenda points: 3
When the Runner steals this agenda, you may add 1 card from Archives to HQ.
When you score this agenda, place 2 agenda counters on it.
Hosted agenda counter, trash the top card of R&D: Add 1 card from Archives to HQ. Use this ability only once per turn
High above, Braganza schemes,
Of force, fire, and basalt dreams.


Been checking the tracker every day, what a great scoop!

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Based on the QTM spoilers it looks like thet Weypand Sysop is #129. that means is there’s a “Green Oppo” then its name would have to start with “A” or “B”, right?


The entire Set is now up on NetrunnerDB. I’ve filled in the last two remaining cards in the tracker. We are complete.