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So Rebirth looks like one of the most interesting runner cards coming from the Mumbad cycle.
There already have been a few rebirthing Valencias making waves in the ongoing regionals.

So what are your ideas and strategies with this card?

So far we have seen:

Anarch - start Valencia to get the bad pub bonus.

  • rebirth into Whizzard against asset spam decks
  • rebirth into Edward Kim against kill decks, and also event heavy non-kill decks (Palana, Sync, …)

What are the other options and other faction strategies?

From the top of the head these could be interesting options:

Criminal - start Andromeda to get head-start from extra cards.

  • rebirth into Gabe against IG. Against what other decks would Gabe be strong choice?
  • rebirth into Ian if you fall behind in points. What decks would you use this option against?
  • rebirth into Leela agains rush / FA decks?

Criminal - start as Ken to get extra influence. Use the same rules as above. Would this be worth it over Andy?

Shaper - start as Kate to allow faster rig setup.

  • rebirth into Jesminder against yellow tagging decks.
  • rebirth into Kit against glacier for stronger late game runs.

Shaper - start as a Professor for influence bonus on programs. Similar rules as Kate. Would this be worth it?

So all these options sounds really exciting. Let’s start flowing ideas and strategies! :slight_smile:

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As a champion of the Professor, I’ve been excited about Rebirth from day one.

It’s all about your draw and opponent, really.
If you’re facing SYNC, become Jesminder.
If you’re strapped for cash, become Kate.
If you need early pressure, become Kit.
If you have time to go long, become Haley.
If you run Personal Workshop, maybe become Nasir.
If you have a bunch of Clone… nah, who am I kidding, don’t become Exile.

Shapers all have unique abilities, useful in different boardstates. Picking and choosing is quite strong. I’m sure we will see even more options for our favourite schoolteacher to tanscend into.

New identities destroy the old.


I turned my Andy into Fisk one game because I had free access to HQ via Sneakdoor, had already scored 5 points, didn’t need money and needed to hit that last agenda, before getting flatlined by the three scorches in HQ (got Midseasoned a bit earlier) before the corp could get money to play them. It worked, finally got a GFI in HQ and stole it for the win the turn before I’d be dead.

Lesson: IRL, bring all the IDs always, because the best choice in a given situation might be very surprising, even if you 95% of the time choose the same ID to rebirth into.


in additon to what everyone else has said, i think for any Rebirth deck you have to do two things when making the rest of your deck:

expect that you will never draw it the whole game


expect that you will never draw it the whole game

i list this twice because you need to consider it when picking your starting ID and your secondary ID

comboing from Andromeda to a deck full of trashable effects with the plan to swap into Geist means you’ll get a one-time burst of 4 extra cards at the cost of possibly never triggering Geist for the whole game

going from Professor to say, a stealth Nasir deck seems awesome… if you can get it to work. you have to be prepared to stick with your starting ID, and you can’t rely on some combo of two IDs, because it’ll be super inconsistent


In Shaper you could also start as Hayley for quick setup too I guess.


Chaos Theory -> Rielle.


I do love an early game hyperdriver, and that extra MU is clutch for setting up a stealth rig. Seems worth a shot.


Tiny sample size, but I played a few games with a faust Andy build last night, got Rebirth 2/3 games but at that point I never really needed it, I was already at 5-6 points. I still think its a strong play in Andy and Val if you do get it early, and I’ll probably keep playing with it but that game I didn’t play it, it felt like the worst card in my hand.

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Hey, it does help Exile get around the MWL! 3 Clone chips for no influence!

i guess by ‘no influence’ you mean ‘having no influence left so i can have Clone Chips’

cos Rebirth costs The Professor’s one and only influence

My first thought was to put it in MaxX, since she mitigates a great deal of the “reliably finding a singleton event before the game’s over” issue.

Who would she team up with? Noise. You can get a MaxX deck similar-looking to a Noise deck, essentially you’d be using MaxX to turbo-boost the start of a Noise game. Did it work? Kind of, the speed of finding Rebirth before using Levy AR Lab Access didn’t seem an issue. Is it worth it over just building Noise? Not sure yet.

You might be able to make a MaxX to Edward Kim deck too, thinking of whose deck builds could be similar. But it might be hard to build a deck that gave a real option of who to switch to (a deck made for switching to Noise probably wouldn’t suit Edward Kim and vice versa).

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I was thinking of something similar. You use Maxx to get an early setup, and then you rebirth and levy. I’m not sure if the speed is offset by probably having to SoT the rebirth though.

I tried this a few times online and I feel like you are too short on econ while you are MaxX and probably want 2 Levy. It’s tough to find slots for good enough recursion so you don’t get screwed by MaxX’s ability too. It seems viable but not quite what you hope it to be, at least from my experience. I think Val is probably the better choice overall for the anarch game plan (especially since the BP shuts off All-Seeing I which has been seeing a bit of play recently.)


I’ve been playing Rebirth in my Andy list, and bring the following IDs with me wherever I go: Gabe, Iain, Laramy, Leela, Nero, and Silhouette.

I think Laramy and Nero are super-niche and may never actually get brought out, though you can easily conceive of a reason to play each of them. Silhouette is the one I think people sleep on to their detriment, as it’s excellent against any deck that wants to play the shell game (there’s always that one guy who plays PE, for instance, and some Argus players still do the DRT/Snare plan).

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I’ll be playing Rebirth in my Andy deck, and the deck was good before, so the only change is that I’ll sometimes switch to a better idea at the cost of a click and a card early in the game…and Leela will be my choice most often, as NEH is still one of the toughest IDs to consistently beat right now without some weird siphon eater keyhole apoc recursion thing going on. But I will be taking one of each crim ID just in case, can see myself picking Iain, Nero, Sil, Laramy, Gabe, and you never know with the rest


I am really looking forward to playing with this once regionals season is over, it definitely opens a lot of doors!

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@dr00 the mwl cards reduce your influence down to a minimum of one…so the Professor can run all the mwl shaper cards, and all the mwl generic cards, as long as they don’t have an influence cost already…and still run rebirth

yes, i understood that perfectly already. he can do all of those things, and Rebirth uses The Professor’s 1 and only remaining influence, which is what i said.

if you follow the chain of discussion, someone was suggested Rebirthing from The Professor to Exile as a joke (as in, it’s still not worht it), then someone replied that you can get Clone Chips ‘for no influence,’ prompting my reply

i mean, that was very likely a joke post anyway, and the initial post was definitely a joke, so i’m not even sure why i responded, why you responded, why i responded to your response, but here we are.

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fair enough, I was just trying to be helpful :slight_smile:

I’ve been looking into going from Andy to Nero for an Au Revoir Deck so you can set up fast then even if they have all their ice rezzed and you can’t use snitch, you can still jack out with Nero.