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Reboot Constructed tournament starts Oct. 18

Do you remember how much you enjoyed playing with Account Siphon, Breaking News, Parasite, and Caprice Nisei?

What if you could play with these cards but they were no longer broken?

Reboot takes the cards from pre-rotation Netrunner and tweaks them with the goal making the bad cards more playable and the broken cards more balanced. If this sounds like a fun way to play Netrunner, check out this casual online tournament starting Sunday, Oct. 18.

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Would love to see the cards again, but at the end it’s like playing another game and I don’t have the time for another game.
And I also think it’s not helpful for the game to start such an initiative. This would only make sense if you try to replace Nisei.

I obviously don’t agree that this is a bad idea.

It is not replacing Nisei. I’ve not played any organized Netrunner for quite a long time but find the Reboot project quite interesting and the games enjoyable. Of course, people can choose not to participate in this tournament. Each to their own.

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Even as a NISEI volunteer, I think any community organizing around the game is helpful. It’s likely that some people do have time for various formats and different games and they might like what both have to offer and play in both. Or, switch when there are lulls in either effort.

Most likely they just like one or the other better, but are still involved in the game system. And it’s a nice to have a fallback if one effort falters, that there’s still passionate people keeping some form of the game alive.