Reddit migration

Am I the first?

The only?

Anyone else migrated over from Reddit?

This was always a better option anyway, avoid those corpo-rats.


I think there are dozens of us lurking here and waiting for life to return to this place now that Reddit has officially been abandoned.


I just got an account, though I never used Reddit.

Lurked on both forever. Rarely post anywhere. Am old so like forums. Am punk so prefer the less corporate option this offers.

Fingers crossed we can get the discoverability up and move lost runners over here!

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Well, then, someone should start some sort of useful thread to keep peoples interest up until everyone gets used to this as the primary community again, perhaps.

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I have made the migration. Not super active, more of a lurker on Reddit.

But I do remember the good old days of using forums… and here we are again!

I’ve migrated, and I posted the thread about The Automata Initiative to try and get some discussion happening.

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I migrated over from Reddit as well. I have always liked forums, but it’s been about 15 years since I a used a private forum… I must say, this is way better and more user friendly than the forums of the old days :wink:

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Yea, this scratches the Reddit itch, without having to go back. Plus, it’s a little nostalgic to be back in a forum

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Well my mobile app for reddit stopped working, I guess it’s official. Time to fill this place up

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I’m the steward of custom card sunday and I’m planning on shifting it here, just a heads up for anyone who’s interested, I’ll be posting a link to it on reddit to channel traffic here and get people involved.


Both are on the open web, both are forum-like formats. The only advantage Reddit theoretically had is you might have gotten something cross-posted to another sub and gained new followers. With Netrunner, that only ever happened when announcements like the core damage change etc got crossposted to cesspools like /r/redpill and all its basement dwellers rushed over to /r/netrunner to “fight the SJWs”. It just doesn’t provide discoverability for card games, just headaches.


I got an account recently. Like Fluffy, I never used Reddit.

Mostly here to lurk just like on Reddit! But appreciate the migration post!


I love forums and have waited for this day.

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I hope this place will become buzzing with people again like its free tickets to ride the Beanstalk.


Yes, same here, I’ve been waiting for a long time for these forums to be more active. Definitely prefer this forum to Reddit.

Reddit was fun… Perfect opportunity to dust off the old Stimhack account!

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