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[Regional][Louisiana] June 13th, Special Prize! Prepaid Voicepad!

Louisiana Regional event is posted! +1 Gaming of Metairie is running the Louisiana Regional event on June 13th. As a special prize, 1st place wins a Prepaid Voicepad! (iPad Mini)

Entry is $25, event starts at 10am for registrations and begins at 11am. Additional information links below!


Holy cow, I had no idea there was a regional in my area. I thought the Alabama/Georgia was the closest.

Almost makes me wish I didn’t work on Saturdays. And had more than three data packs IRL. :smile:

I wish I could come down to watch it. I hope +1 Gaming considers posting some matches online, would be great to see local guys play, even though I likely don’t know them.

Yea we certainly are. We’ve streamed games from both little wars store championship and +1 Gaming store championship on my twitch stream so far. http://www.twitch.tv/explodycat
I’ve since properly diced up the Little Wars SC footage and its available on there. The +1 Gaming footage was choppy so was going to reup the better video but still havent because so busy lol :expressionless:

But yep, I’m looking to try and see if I can fix the choppiness issue with the +1 streaming and will live stream it again choppy or not.

So what I’m hearing TheRedArmy, is that you are going to come down with a head cold on June 13th, correct?

Hahaha. Certainly very tempting…:wink:

Just a reminder! The regionals are approaching fast! :3

Is there any pre-registration? Making the trek from Houston and want to ensure we get in.

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No prereg but I can assure you’ll get your spots. If its any comfort (I know it can be nerve wracking with travel involved) You can pm me names and I’ll ensure ya’ll get accounted for nice and smoothly