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Regionals 2015 plotted on a map colored by date

I think this is a useful enough reference to warrant it’s own topic. I have added all the regionals locations on a map, color coded by date. Click on a location to see the date. I hope you find it useful.


Strong work and thank you

Excellent. This is awesome and I cannot like enough.


Dan you said you couldn’t skype us cause you were going to bed :open_mouth:

Really surprised to see one in my town. Pleasantly surprised. If only the local playgroup hadn’t switched nights to a work night.

Me? Yeah, I work early on Fridays, hence why I am up before 6am posting this.

Awesome stuff, thanks for your work! I didn’t think we were going to get a location in Florida and now I know I was wrong in a good way!

Updated with Canada and Mexico.

I’m pretty unhappy with the Canada regionals. Apparently Toronto and Montreal should have two each almost in the same location, but all four of the Eastern provinces don’t get anything at all.

Europe will follow? Excellent work =)