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Regionals - Bangor Northern Ireland 2014 (20 players)

Originally published at: http://stimhack.com/regionals-bangor-northern-ireland-2014-20-players/

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A Iain deck and a Weyland Glacier deck.

The Iain deck looks pretty strong, aimed at getting a Keyhole running as fast as possible (the first deck I’ve seen that I think Express Delivery actually belongs in). From the lack of plascretes and that Source package I guess they have a very fast-advance heavy meta and that deck seems like a really good counter

Not sure I would call the weyland deck glacier, my guess is that it plays more like a rush-deck with power shutdown to help create scoring windows.

Very interesting Iain Stirling deck. I may test similar.

I wonder why he needs 2x Keyhole, considering 3x Logos. Also, Chakana seems like a good addition to a Keyhole deck. Although that is out of 5 MU range.

I think the Stirling deck would have a terrible time against glacier decks, but it is pretty interesting nonetheless.

I am more interested in the Weyland deck. Seems like a good mix of speed, disruption and taxation. It’s been a while since I saw a Scorch-less Weyland that might consistently pull off its gameplan.

It leaves some counterplay if the corp doesn’t score early agendas and just focus on fortifying centrals (or you play against something like combo CI that doesn’t score agendas). Also since the breakers are so inefficient you want to start keyholing before there is too much ICE.

I’d call it a Glacier/SuperModern hybrid, just without the Scorch backup in order to make the ICE suite more of a threat. And everyone assumes you’re going to be running it anyway, so there’s that.