Regionals & Nationals Europe

Here is a collection of all the known Regionals so far in Europe. You can also send me a PM and I’ll update it here.
12-Nov: National: Belgium, Gent

Past ones:

15-May: Regional: Sweden, Stockholm
20 & 21-May: Regional: Netherlands, Den Haag
20-May: Regional: Denmark, Copenhagen
25 May: Regional: Sweden, Linköping
27-May: Regional: Poland, Katowice
27-May: Regional: Netherlands, Haarlem
2-4-Jun: Euros: UK, Birmingham
10-Jun: Regional: Czechia, Prague
10-Jun: Regional: Germany, Düsseldorf
10-Jun: Regional: Sweden, Malmö
10 & 11-Jun: Regional: UK, Norwich
17 & 18-Jun: Regional: Poland, Wrocław
17 & 18-Jun: National: Madrid, Spain
17-Jun: Regional: Slovakia, Bratislava
17-Jun: Regional: Finnland Helsinki
17-Jun: Regional: UK, Stirling
17-Jun: Regional: Norway, Oslo
24-Jun: Regional: Germany, Hamburg
24-Jun: Regional: UK, London
24-Jun: Regional: Hungary, Budapest
25-Jun: Regional: Belgium, Antwerp
1-Jul: Regional: Spain Barcelona
1 & 2-Jul: Regional: UK, Reading
2-Jul: Regional: Germany, Göttingen
15-Jul: Regional: UK, Huddersfield
15 & 16-Jul: Regional: Sweden, Varberg
15 & 16-Jul: Regional: Spain, Valencia
22-Jul: Regional: Belgium, Gent
22-Jul: Regional: Poland, Warsaw
23-Jul: Regional: Ireland, Kilkenny
29 & 30-Jul: Regional: Germany, Ulm
29-Jul: Regional: UK, Preston
5-Aug: Regional: UK, Swansea
5-Aug: Regional: UK, Sheffield
5-Aug: Regional: Belgium, Leuven
12-Aug: National: Netherland, Enschede
19-Aug: Regional: Switzerland, Bern
19-Aug: Regional: UK, Poole
26 & 27-Aug: National: Germany, Düsseldorf
26 & 27-Aug: National: Sweden (Nordics), Varberg
26-Aug: Regional: Czechia, Brno
1-3-Sep: National: Poland, Wrocław
9-Sep: Regional: Spain, Madrid
15-17-Sep: National UK, Liverpool
16 & 17-Sep: National France, Paris
23-Sep: Regional: Spain, Bilbao
30-Sep: Regional: Spain, Sevilla
30-Sep: Nationals: Greece, Athens
30-Sep & 1-Oct: Regional: Lettland, Riga
7-Oct: Regional: Spain, Logroño
7-Oct: National: Slovakia, Bratislava
14-Oct: National: Russia, Moscow
28-Oct: National: Hungary, Budapest


17-18 Jun Wrocław

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Just curious, why write Atlantis instead of Hamburg if you write the city names of all the others?

Added Wroclav & Bratislava!

Isn’t Atlantis a city? :wink: corrected it to Hamburg.

Happy to change the title, just wanted to indicate that I have only partial data and it’s around Germany.

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I really hope we get the UK dates and venues soon. It’s making planning a bit difficult.

May 20-21: Den Haag, Netherlands: Regionals | Tabletop Kingdom (Den Haag)

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German National was announced (1 - 3-Sep-2017, location not announced and might be changed)

UK Regionals & Nationals are announced (National 15 - 17-Sep-2017 in Liverpool)

So I changed the title of the Thread.

Would be really nice if the tournaments could be added to, as it’s much easiert to search for them! And they are available for people not on Facebook.

27th May - Regionals, Copenhagen.

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25 May Regional, Linköping, Sweden


UK Regional dates are coming in:
24/06/2017 Saturday London (TBC)
01/07/2017 Saturday Reading (2 Day)
19/08/2017 Saturday Poole (1 Day)

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Nationals also confirmed @ Madrid - Spain June 17th-18th 2017, venue TBC.

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Whoops. Missed up a couple of dates. Regional in Cophagen is May 20th, not 27th. My mistake.

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Updated the initial Thread with all of them, thanks!

Is there not going to be a regional in Warsaw this year?

Not sure. Nothing announced yet.

US & Canada where published, but I don’t think it make sense to link them here too, do you agree?

Seems like German Nats has been changed to 25th of August to 28th of August in Düsseldorf, going off of the link posted in the OP.

update the German National, thanks & it’s 3 days, 25 to 27-Aug!

German Nationals Sat 26 & Sun 27-Aug.