Reign and Reverie Community Review and Meta Predictions

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DJ Fenris is even more broken than implied in that last comment. NONE of the identities use a lower-case “g” regardless of the “m”… RIP


District 99 should have been recognized as a MaxX card.

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Yes, absolutely, that is an oversight. MaxX would certainly use it. I thought I saw someone mention something about MaxX in a draft of the article, that’s why I didn’t add a comment myself, but it might have been changed later.

It doesn’t seem that current MaxX build have too many hardware or programs, but that could change a bit with District 99, and getting back a Obelus, or Maw, or M4M is really solid.

That might be my bad. I made a bad comment about the card mentioning maxx, but it was all based on a misreading of the card so deleted and replaced it.


District 99 means you can’t miss much if you have them 3x (providing you drew & install it before, for exemple when you rebirth/DJ in MaxX).
I was thinking about Hippo first but I forgot it’s use got it rftg.
Incomming Acacia or Respirocytes comboes anyway.

I still vastly prefer using Geist with it to recur Diversions…

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@CrushU: this raise the question of Geist ability really needing a sort of “let’s look back” boost with a foreign ressource. I’m not sure this solves Geist’ #1 problems.

While I do think District 99 certainly has potential in MaxX, I think best practices in writing these reviews is to leave at least one synergy unmentioned so as to give the reader something they can feel clever about.


It’s sad an ID like Gnat was probably going to get more support if there was a “down the road”.

As is, he feels like the beginning of a high- stakes, aggressive style that is a few cards short of being fully fleshed out.

It’s a lot to hope for NIESI to produce future cards on par with the quality of R&R. Time will tell of course, but I can’t help but feel Netrunner was one more rotation cycle from having another major breakthrough. I think a lot of the “fair but less fun” cards were soon to be honorably rotated out too,

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I think we’ll have to wait a bit and see. Gnat is the card I’m most excited to try out first. I think a lot of players are going to try Gnat coming from Valencia and noticeably appreciate the 20% reduced deck size. Yes, Anarch has a ton of great cards, so you’re not really cutting chaff, but I suspect you can really fine-tune a lean deck and get consistent results. And, a non-negligible economic benefit to boot.

I suspect you can honestly just use Gnat as 40-card Anarch and ignore his ability and do just fine. Especially since Rebirth is a thing.


That’s kind of what I thought as well. There are going to be people playing Gnat with Noble Path/Emptied Mind type jank, and there are going to be people playing 40 cards of “good stuff” and maybe dripping the odd dollar or two before turning into Omar.

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Thanks so much for writing a review. It’s really continent for me to read them instead of listening or watching a video.


Yeah, they’re so useful. I thought they were older than they were, apparently only started in the middle of Red Sands cycle, which isn’t that long ago. :frowning: