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Reign and Reverie: NEW DELUXE


The Outfit seems cool idk

get paid 3c whenever you rez anything illicit (granted we lost a lot due to rotation, but it still includes Bulwark and Reality Threedee)
scoring a Hostile or playing Too Big to Fail gives you 10
gain 3 whenever the runner trashes an Illegal Arms Factory
get even more credits when you score Illicit Sales
and get paid when you trash a location with Elizabeth Mills

and i’m sure there will be plenty of new cards that give weyland bad pub in this box and other cycles/packs


Hangeki with Mumbad Virtual Tour in CTM, right ?
That Anarch console is one clic/turn from Bloo Moose power level. This one enables a good economy there : Faust pumped for +2 for one card, and people had trouble economically competing against this. Full conspiracy, huge draw then run.

@dr00 : I do hope there will be an event scoring 7 agendas points if the corp have 7 bad pub or more. That Weyland ID would have been funny with Profiteering if that agenda would have not rotated out : 3/1, win 24 :slight_smile:


So is Tri-maf Contact


OK interesting thing about DJ Fenris: he gains text box of hosted ID, but not subtypes. So if you host Smoke on him, he will gain the recurring credit, but not the Stealth subtype. Meaning you can’t use your Smoke credit for stealth breakers. So RIP 1-inf Cloak for Criminals still wanting to use Switchblade.


Through the power of music, obviously! :slight_smile:


@Lttlefoot Yup, but there is no 1/4 of the corp factions fully dedicated to bag your hardware, plus, it’s red.

I’d say always bid 0 FTL.


I’d sort of figured I was hooking up with these guys at a G-Mods only club. Who knows!


How so? You either force the corp to lose at least 1 credit or get double access… for free. Why would you bid anything other than 0?


Too bad Hostage rotated :frowning: It’s one the rotated cards I miss the most. Unless you’re talking about a some kind of Legacy-format deck, in which case the DJ gives you more G-mod options.


You think G-mods have their own private clubs and consider naturals the unwashed masses that they shouldn’t socialize with? Actually I can kind of see that, that’s pretty cyberpunk! :stuck_out_tongue: One of the stories in Ian McDonald’s Cyberabad Days was kinda like that.


If you know the corp will bid 1, bid 1. 1c for an extra access seems worth it in some situations. Then the corp might bid 0 in the future, and you can bid 0 and gain a few random accesses for free!


No, I forgot it rotated… ugh.


Well, OK. I concede that if you were able to train some Corp to always bid 1, you could play off of that. I guess I should have prefaced my comment with the presumption that you would be playing someone you haven’t yet turned into Pavlov’s Dog.


You’re right, I read the opposite way. Psi are on so much cards, I don’t even fully read the text.
This one is even better than your usual psi.

Psi should be templated like TraceX, if someone ever thinks about a third edition of Netrunner.
“Psi² : effect” would mean both secretly spend 0-2c, if different, make the effect and
"AntiPsi² : effect" (or something) would mean both spend secretly 0-2c, if same, make the effect.

Same for Currents imo.


The “more G-Mod options” consist in adding the Noise option, as he’s the only one that rotated.

Oh hey, can I tutor Noise with my Kate or Hayley, please ?
9x neutral / shaper virus + 8x 1inf virus, 3x hostage + DJ, diesel-larla-aesop-shop-proco-cc in faction, let’s have fun :slight_smile:
Even better, WuNoise. Oh god, the monster : WuNoiseTortoise :slight_smile:


Maybe the new crim I’d will be a masanori.


please let this be true. He’ll stay up all night chatting with babes and then hacking corporations all day long.


Random silly idea:

Hangeki into a Mumbad Virtual Tour in… bleh… IG. Or anything that can boost trash costs.

Either the runner takes a negative point or… loses probably a bunch of credits?


In CtM :smiley:


With Shadow Net in the card pool, I don’t think Hangeki will be that popular. Especially after nu-siphon comes out (which playing with Shadow Net turns from a double to a single click)