Reign and Reverie: NEW DELUXE


"featuring new tools for all ten factions"

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Akiko Nisei!

Caprice mentioned at some point that the clones in a small line are named alphabetically, meaning she’s the third, and I’m pretty sure she thinks the two before her are dead. If the naming thing holds, she’s apparently wrong.


List of Cards for DJ Fenris.


The same list, but without rotated & draft-only cards


lol, thanks. I’m at work and didn’t think to filter further :).

Beat me to it! Also, we’ll lose Geist, Hayley and Quetzal in the next rotation, right?


If this deluxe drops after that rotation, I won’t be able to try Hayley on Sunny for even more OCA accelerant. Oh well. Let’s see what else comes to mind.

lmao this busted Shaper ID, at least Desperado doesn’t exist anymore

This Weyland ID is the laziest and lowest impact ID I’ve seen in awhile

Still, very excited for the deluxe. Val Into Omar f/ DJ Steve sounds quite strong. Maxx ft/ DJ Steve seems best but you gotta somewhat luck into that single copy


I wonder if this might work well for a updated Cache Refresh-style format as a way to cut out a lot of the old Deluxes. Like, say, core + this + the latest cycle? (Plus maybe Runner-side of D&D.)

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Omar isn’t a g-mod. But true about the Shaper. Always bid 0 FTW.

The Outfit might work as a Punitive strat: the credits don’t matter during a trace on your turn, plus you’re filthy rich from Hostiles and Arms Factories.

Fluff-wise, this Weyland ID is he most weylandish Weyland ID ever weylanded. The way the ability fits the lore rivals MaxX’s case.


No, you rebirth into Omar. You end up with 3 ID abilities

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Regarding DJ Fenris, most G-mods have set-up abilities you want to see early (Hayley, Geist, Wu, MaxX), or are very low-impact (Chaos Theory, Quetzal, Reina).

MaxX would be a good Shaper with Levy and the upcoming Clone Chip replacement, but Steve Cambridge is probably the best generic target thus far. Pulling heaped cards directly into your hand is almost always good.

@moistloaf Ah, I see.

@kenobob Yeah, I’m noticing the same thing. Cambridge was the only one I could see using in Sunny ATM (would be amazing to get even 1 fall guy back). I was thinking more about Hayley… and as you said, I’d need to see it early. Hostages could help there, for an influence price that I’m not willing to pay out of my current deck. I’d need to see what I could do about that, but it might be nothing more than a thought exercise depending on when this drops.

A lot of these cards look fairly cool, but I hope we get a bit more flavour stuff. Currently I don’t really get the theming.

Also, how does a DJ give me special G-Mod powers from runners with different motivations from me? Seems kinda Film Criticy.

I really like the sound of the no grip runner. Maybe all the runners will be head cases?

My read on the DJ is that he’s sort of like a SR Fixer, and knows someone with the correct skill-set you’re looking for to help you out. And since it’s looking for g-mods, that means that ability suite is probably sold on the market somewhere.


Yeah, that’s presumably the whole thing of g-mods, is they’re fungible. The implication that Geist’s and Smoke’s and Noise’s ID abilities are purely genetic is…a little weird, mind you.