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[Reina] Headlock: How to Make Sure Your Opponent Doesn't Get to Play Netrunner

So I’ve tried Lamprey Reina before and didn’t find it to be all that hot, since they just purge and it’s gone plus corps seem rich enough that it is hard to keep them down on credits; maybe I’m playing it wrong though: when does one optimally play the Lamprey(s) such that they matter?

when purging won’t solve their immediate issue.

If they are at 3 creds with their HQ open enough, running HQ 3 times then having a click left to do “fun stuff” puts them in a position where they have to deal with “fun stuff” and lamprey, but dealing with lamprey requires money or a purge. Dealing with “fun stuff” tends to cost money which they don’t have yet. So you need to get them broke, and you need to have another threat you can easily turn to when you get a free turn of tempo after a purge.

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Options for influence without logos:
Test Run
Lucky Find
Emergency Shutdown
The Supplier
Hades Shard
Siphon (have to clear the tag though)
Inside Job

Comedy Options:
Woman in the Red Dress

From this list, I’m liking the sound of 2x Inside Job or Test Run and Sneakdoor, with 3x Lucky Find being the safe option

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My Initial thought on the influence is 2 Legwork, 1 Utopia, 1 Hades. Legwork may not be the best with Eater, though, so Emergency Shutdown might be better. Diesel/Lucky Find are the boring options, but I think 2 shards should be easy to justify in here.

I tested the deck last night and it was really fun to play ! Vigil was amazing, iirc it gave me between 5 and 7 free draws per game. For the spare influence I played it safe with LF and I feel it’s the better option.

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Two shutdowns and one legwork, but only if you add same old thing.

I’m going to give this a test, because it looks great fun (well, for one player).

I like the fact that Eater/Keyhole crushes small ice on R&D, while Eater/Crescentus wrecks big ice anywhere.

What the heck do you do against the constellation ice? I think this might almost necessitate cutlery.

against constellation I usually just stuck a knight on it, or 2 parasites, not the best plan but it handles the issue. they very rarely get more than 2 advanced enough to be free

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Thoughts on adding Ixodidae? Or do you think it will just encourage a purge from the corp more quickly?

It’s a card that doesn’t do anything. Literally any other econ option is better, and there’s plenty of inf-free ones that the deck still doesn’t pack.


I sleeved up a version close to this one to good effect.

Suied Reina (45 cards)

Reina Roja: Freedom Fighter

Event (13)
1 Emergency Shutdown
3 I’ve Had Worse
1 Knifed
2 Lucky Find
1 Queen’s Gambit
3 Sure Gamble
2 Vamp

Hardware (5)
3 Clone Chip
2 Vigil

Resource (11)
3 Daily Casts
2 Earthrise Hotel
2 Kati Jones
1 Liberated Account
1 Scrubber
2 Xanadu

Icebreaker (4)
3 Eater
1 Knight

Program (12)
3 Crescentus
1 D4v1d
2 Keyhole
3 Lamprey
3 Parasite

The shutdown is a flex slot. Honestly, the 3rd Lucky could easily be the best thing. There also might be too much draw. Vigil is an insane powerhouse in this deck. If you were to do 3 Lucky and cut the Earthrises for another Knight or David or even the 3rd Vigil, it would probably be more consistent. I am not sure the Knifed is necessary, but cheap Eli destruction is always nice, and with the 2nd David, you could knock out an annoying Wraparound.

Did I mention Vigil? This is the sort of deck that could easily run without a console, but this card is so damn good here. Your ID encourages the corp to play slow and click for a ton of credits, use Jackson to overdraw agendas as they try to gain an economic foothold, punishes them for paying install costs when they want to get ICE out of their hand, and in the end, forces purges, which almost always mean a hit off Vigil. Once you have them locked down, you draw literally every turn, making it that much easier to bury them.

I am 50-50 on the Scrubber. On the one hand, it’s an awesome econ card vs NEH, but I don’t really want to install it unless against HB or NBN, and you don’t often need to trash SanSans because your deck is much better suited to keeping the corp too poor to use it to good effect. I think if you were playing the 3rd Lucky Find, it could be dropped. You could also play an Imp, which is more generally useful, (though Imping HQ works against Vigil).

@SamRS I really like this deck. Thank you.


How many games is the knight going to be better than a corroder? I’m also imagining that the Xanadus and the Scrubber could all be Imps, although I suppose the deck does have a reasonable amount of Derez effects to keep Xanadu relevant.

Xanadu is extremely relevant. Your midgame goal is usually to set up Xanadu, Kati, Eater, Lamprey, and free HQ access. Making it so the corp can’t rez anything but Pups, Popups, Ice Walls, and Quandaries, most of which can be killed on the spot with Parasite, is pretty important. It’s actually not such a great Imp deck because the poorness of the corp makes a lot of their cards irrelevant, Imping HQ turns off Vigil, and if you use Eater, you can’t access anyway.

Knight is nice to get past anything if you need to get to a Sundew or something. I could see 1 Knight 1 Corroder but think being able to get past any 1 piece of ICE is important for a deck that keeps the Corp from getting 2 pieces rezzed. David can break Wraparound if need be too, though…

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Are you comfortable with only 1 D4v1d? I suppose ideally the Corp isn’t going to be able to rez more than 1 expensive piece of ICE, anyway. What about that second Vamp? Worth it?

Yeah I think the deck would be better with another david as the 46th card. :innocent:


Or put in all goodness, wyldside and go up to 90 cards!

But cereal time now, I love vamp, but what to cut?


also, has Scrubbed been considered here? It makes for interesting instant Parasite capabilities in the absence of Suckers. seems like a decent mid game card, as they should only be able to rez weaker ICE. @SamRS thoughts? biggest downside is the 2c to play

I wasn’t thinking about the deck using Keyhole also. I’m on board with scrubber over Imp as of now in here. David on Wraparound isn’t going to do a ton of good since most of your runs will be multiple hits on HQ or R&D for non-access effects.

Thoughts on removing Shutdown and Gambit or something for Hades/Utopia? Utopia might not be necessary, but Hades is really good to have as a release valve in case they start throwing their piddly ice on Archives.

What did you play against, by the way?

nvm 10chars

Definitely going to try out this list, i used to run a renia denial deck pre-oc and like you shelved it when blue sun came out.

i wonder if this deck could be used out of wizard, giving you space to drop the scrubbers for something else