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Reina Resource Denial

Reina Roja Freedom Fighter

15 influence spent (max 15) •••••••••••••••
45 cards (min 45)
Cards up to Order and Chaos

Event (24)
3x Account Siphon ••••• ••••• ••
3x Day Job
3x Dirty Laundry
3x Déjà Vu
3x I’ve Had Worse
3x Inject
3x Sure Gamble
3x Wanton Destruction

Resource (12)
3x Data Leak Reversal
3x Fall Guy •••
3x John Masanori
3x Joshua B.

Icebreaker (3)
3x Knight

Program (6)
3x Imp
3x Parasite

This may look like a pile of jank - it isn’t. It crushes pretty much any corp economy. Between Siphon, Reina and Day Job, you will have more money than the other guy. Inject insures you can draw your resources faster than they can trash them, and if they don’t the incremental advantage you get will crush them in the long run. No Corp can compete with a 5-click runner with a mandatory draw, and no Corp can afford the 2 credits and click to trash every single turn while installing and rezzing new ice that is being Parasited to death.

Eventually the Corp will have to leave some weakness exposed - maybe HQ is porous, maybe R&D is wide open, maybe everything is secure but they’re on 0 credits. Each one of your cards has valid counterplay (replace parasited/knighted ice, trash fall guys and DLRs, keep HQ protected to avoid Siphon/Wanton/Imp) but you can usually output more threats than they can answer.

Wanton Destruction is the card I’m least sure about - it seems like it should be devastating when it connects, but it feels hard to know as a Runner what impact it had. Imp trashes cards out of HQ, and it’s not rare that HQ is completely locked down due to fear of Siphon.

Why not Rook and Eater.

I feel that 3 Knight and nothing else seems so risky, and would have a lot of issue.

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For the same reason, why not Vamp since you’re gonna be rich anyway.

Play the deck - you will find there is always a way in.

Rook is a good guard, but outshined by other cards in the deck.

This is not an Eater deck. You want actual accesses, not fake ones.

I think my HB decks could survive this, but I dont know for sure.

If i see ya on Octgn sometime, show me the power :wink:

I feel like this deck can never beat a blue sun

EDIT: to expand on the comment, what would you do if someone turn 1 oversights curtain wall/orion


Oh yeah, you completely fold to blue sun. Not even worth playing that matchup.

is a deck worth working on if it folds to a popular match up?

that makes it a gatekeeper at best? keeps people out of the cut, but wont win without a stupid amount of luck?

or am i missing something?

I think @Nagnazul is being sarcastic (though, of course, I may be wrong). But I agree that I don’t see how this deck can tackle blue sun reliably.

If you’re going to have all the money and DLR for days, why not drop 1x fall guy for a Hades Shard. Click their deck into the bin, hard install the Hades at some point and then pop it for all the agendas.

I think a solid ETF could run circles around this too. If the corporation can find their feet economically then you’re basically relying on 3 Knights.

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I’m not - Blue Sun is hell, to the point of not being worth playing. Your Knights won’t last for more than a turn at very little cost to the corp, and your parasites are all but dead cards. You can’t break a Curtain Wall and you can’t deny them the 13 credit profit they get in a turn with OAI. Blue Sun just hard counters us, straight up.

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I’ve heard d4v1d is pretty good. It doesn’t make it a good matchup, otoh it’s no longer a near auto loss.

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Your parasites and knights are still dead cards, david or no.

I’m online now on OCTGN, if anyone wants to have a go against this deck. Look up Nagnazul.

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I used to play a very similar deck out of Quetzal when I was trying to learn how to be a “screw it, screw you, screw the world” anarch. It’s tense, and crazy, and a lot of fun, but an early corp surge is so painful. Reina might well be better. Quetzal would let you in occasionally if a barrier went up, which was rare. Reina just makes it all more expensive. I had Xanadu in early copies of the deck, which is basically just “Play Reina” anyway. :wink:

I did play Rook, and also Lampreys. I had Armitage or Daily Casts rather than Day Job, and no Wanton or IHW (this was prior to O&C). From my experience, this is one of those decks that seems like it just can’t do a damn thing, but ends up being a lot more effective than you think. Getting more draw in IHW is absolutely going to benefit the deck. And, if you’re like me, and naturally a cautious Shaper at heart, this will absolutely break you out of that and in to a very different style of play.

If you don’t expect to see more than 1 Blue Sun in Swiss/Finals, this could well be awesome in a tourney…

If you’re going the siphon route, even in the changing meta, I’d still prefer a more reg-build. My list, from a while back…


It’s not that strong anymore now that everyone is playing Caprice + Crisium, but one of our local guys has been playing this with a second Yog, and has sworn that improves it.

Back to your deck, I’m not sure how your version gets through RP Ice two deep ever, as it’s pretty all-in on the DLR package. 3x John and 3x Josh seem like one too many to me, I’d go to 2 of both, and I’d probably cut a single Wanton as well… That could free up space for 3x Eater, if that’s something you’d be into.

Right now, I think Headlock Reina is just a better choice for Reina, but that’s for another thread.