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Reminder: Eternal Championship next weekend!

I’m just posting to remind everyone that the NISEI 2019 Eternal Championship is happening next weekend! Swiss rounds are on the Saturday (Nov 30), with the top cut on the Sunday (Dec 1).

Still plenty of time to sign up using the form linked to on the article!

Note that there are TWO Swiss on the Saturday, starting at 1100 UTC and 1800 UTC, but you may only play in one. Just pick the one most convenient to your time zone. The top 4 of each Swiss will be combined to make the top 8 cut for Sunday.

For those of you who can’t play, I’m happy to be able to confirm streaming details for the event as well. Swiss A will be streamed by Theyla, Swiss B will be streamed by System Outage, and the top cut will be streamed by Trace Five! Tune in on Sunday as Kelfecil reveals an exclusive Uprising spoiler after the end of the top cut!