Rigshooter after Flashpoint rotation

This might be moot, since we don’t know what new cards are coming out, but it’s highly unlikely, that new bin-breakers are coming out. So I am wondering how strong rigshooters are going to be after Flashpoint rotates. There are a lot of good rigshooters out, like Stavka, Archer and Bloop - even Rototurret might have a comeback. It might be necessary for the runners to include a couple Simulchips, Retrieval Runs etc. Luckily Ark Lockdown will also rotate.

My question would be: How strong do you think will rigshooting be?

My personal theory is that rigshooter might actually become bit problematic. The way OB can do the hafrun stavka combo without too much interaction. You either need to guess the stavka right for botulus/boomerang or just install 2x sentry breakers.

Criminal already looses to the rigshooter decks super badly. and after the rotation anarch might join the list. Still I think its hard for rigshooter to be a super consistant top threat just because it can be teched against.

Stafrun + ZATO out of Ob feels quite potent, honestly. I’m going to be giving that a go, assuming something doesn’t drag me back to misc Tempo NBN Asset deck after CtM rotates.


There are enough non-icebreaker ways to get past ice that I doubt rigshooter becomes a huge meta problem. You’ll lose some random games to it, but its no different than your fracter and tutors being in the bottom of the deck.

What I think it will do is even so slightly decrease the efficiency of runner decks as they’ll have to include more backup cards.

It’s no different to that, but also it happens every single game instead of just some of them, and it can be your fracter and decoder…

I don’t think rigshooter will become a problem, but I do think it’s likely to become relevant enough in the meta to give real value to runner recursion. I’m looking forward to seeing Katorga Breakout around more, because I think it’s a neat card!