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RL ANR - Improved Protein Source

This seemed the most appropriate forum for the topic but if I am mistaken plz relocate.

I read this article today and it seemed kind of nifty to relate things like this to our game so I thought I would share the article, with the appropriate card in the title.

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I would drink this in a heartbeat, especially if it can be cultivated without direct contact with the insects. Thanks for the share. Westerners in particular need to get over their food phobias and embrace the optimal and (arguably more) ethical food sources offered by the insect kingdom.

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I have my doubts about this product in particular; synth food tends to carry exorbitantly high energy costs, which kind of defeats the whole purpose.

That said, @moistloaf is totally right, bug meat of many varieties is already a major protein source in many countries - they tend to be extremely easy and cheap to raise and are very efficient at converting plant matter into meat (unlike, for example, cows, which are really shitty at it and need to eat a metric fuckload of plants for each pound they put on).

Plus they can be mad tasty. Chapulines (the spicy crickets popularized in Mexico City) taste like jerky flavored popcorn -except eating a handful is like eating a slab of salmon steak nutritionally.


Yeah, let’s eat dog aswell, it’s tasty.

Synth food is an abomination in all purposes.

Not only saying this because food is a religion here (France), but also because you cannot ask the industrial world to produce quality within a competitive industrial world. 20th century is over.

You won’t have quality, you will have cheap quantity because the world economical model is all about growth and endless acceleration of our economies. If your cockroach farm want to survive, it needs to accel, each year.

The taste is not the problem, I’m open to experimentation. What I see is what niche in food this tries to occupy : milk, basic product. It seems to me some fat guy in food industry found a way to produce cheaper milk, nothing else, with no concerns about taste, culture, health (after cow hormones, nice cockroach growing hormones I guess) or ecology.

This seems to me way way far from what organic food tries to do, which is something maybe 60-70% or more people of where I live agrees with. I don’t want that here. I would want slow food, all the time.

It’s not because science say you can drink pee that I will, even if some says it’s good for your health. I’m curious, okay, but MacCockroach’s is a no-no : if the discourse is “insects will save humanity”, then the only thing behind this is MacCockroach’s.

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it already happens with cricket bars. protein is good whenever it comes from

I’m all about slow food and organics et al; however, we are speaking from a very privileged viewpoint. The first and foremost use for this sort of food would be for those who desperately need calories, plain and simple.

There may come a time soon when the world is not afforded the luxury of slow food, in which case things like this become a necessity, even for the first, Western world. I agree that the commodification of food is an issue that has plagued society since the industrial revolution, but for most, from an ethical view ending starvation precedes putting an end to agricultural corruption and the destructive food industry.

Lastly, you haven’t tasted this, so you can’t execrate it on experiential grounds. It may be delicious. And I can’t think of a slower food than milk extracted from crystals of a godd**n cockroach (or however the process works). That’s the stuff Redzepi’s dreams are made of

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Those people crave first for water and electricity, and sometimes peace. IMO, we’d better help them to grow food than asking them to buy a $0.49 can of GM cockroach pee. “Give a man a fish”…

indeed. meat bought in supermarket is good example here.

You have to open up a baby cockroach under a microscope to farm this crystals, getting maybe 1um in the process.

Meat still have a nice energy ratio I guess. Plus it taste good (This “taste nothing”). Plus it give work to people.

Quorn is the stuff invented and produced by ICI, not meat…

drug dealing also gives work to people.

I don’t understand. Syllogism, to me.

Are trying to explain that killing a 10ug baby cockroach for say 1ug of crystal (look to images, this is in flesh stupidity) is a great energy ratio or something ? Giving you 1kg after you eviscerate 1 billion of those things so you can feed 10 guys for a day with a food even a cat wouldn’t want ? And 10kg of dead things to, well, I don’t know, burn because there’s not enough CO2 in the air right now ?
Oh no, of course, I’m stupid, they got the DNA, they can clone a meat crystal now I’m so stupid.

There’s that guy, name’s Lavoisier, said stuff… There’s that other guy, name’s Buddha, said stuff too :slight_smile:

That operation will kill a number of animal lives 100000 times the size of humanity a day (I don’t know, but you sounded like a vegan), and it should have an energy cost our sun couldn’t provide and make us soon swim in a sea of dead insects, but enlighten us, I guess.

1kg of waste a day per human is maybe the worst ratio you can ever find but I guess humankind will never stop find new ways of destroying herself…

no the milk is to be sythesized because the cost of actually milking cockroaches would be obscene.

This is still cockroach pee :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:
(and believe me or not, I’m a moderate person here… Grandparents there were farmers and parents that had a restaurant doesn’t help I guess)

I’m not arguing one way or the other. Just making sure that was understood.

It’ll catch on as soon as people stop going EWWWWWW the moment they see cockroach milk. Gross