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Road to Worlds Stream/Youtube

Hi ladies and gents,

for those of you who may not know me, my
name is Dien and I am a local Toronto, ON player in the Netrunner
community. I’m one of the organizers and players in the community, known
for aiding in the building of our scene, most notably hosting the first
Canadian Nationals for Netrunner. Some of you may remember me from
hosting the Netrunner Nationals stream, and I wanted to thank you all
for spectating such a great event. Your feedback and viewership
encourages us to keep working hard and building towards a quality stream
and recording of our events.

I’m now currently prepping for
Worlds this year, and as a result, I will be running a stream of myself
playing on OCTGN, participating in various leagues, or just some
downtime unwinding. Come join me in my channel!

also post up videos post stream of games, most recently of a request of
a community member. You all know him to be SlySquid of ANRBadPublicity.
Chase is a good friend of mine who was one of the first players who
inducted me into the game, and a continued inspiration to try new decks.
I recently piloted his SlySquid Pawnshop 3.1, and we collaborated on
tinkering it to 3.2, come check out the footage:

Alternatively, our group, called “The Fall Guys” have several youtube videos of games, and also the Nationals footage here


come check out my stream and our channel!! I work very hard to have
chat integration and interaction, and your continued support and
feedback motivates us to continue to work on our craft. Please follow
and share us if you enjoy the content!

-Dien “d1en” Tran