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Roseville US Champ Card Design: Dead Game and the Future of Netrunner - By Patrick Burk

Originally published at: https://stimhack.com/roseville-us-champ-card-design-dead-game-and-the-future-of-netrunner-by-patrick-burk/

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I actually love this and don’t think it’s unbalanced at all! It’s a very powerful effect, but the trace will be pretty low in most circumstances!

It’s entirely possible to play this with something like DNA Tracker and Anansi as the outside of your server and immediately flatline someone just for making a single run, so I’m quite certain it’s broken.

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Nah the runs are optional thouhg, and I assume the runner chooses the server?

Runner chooses, it’s a may, and it’s probably broken. But it’s in a cycle of ridiculous cards, including an Exodia-esque combo, so it’s appropriate for that setting. I just wanted to use this opportunity more to make a statement about my hopes for our ‘Dead Game’.

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Good card for a Tenin, though.

Also, comboes with Hedge fund or other econ T2 to discard a near mulligan hand. Sweet. Young meat is best meat.

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