Rotated IDs and cards

Our gaming group enjoys the variety the wide range of IDs provide and the different type of archetypes that can be built. Some of our favourite IDs and cards rotated out and we decided (since we aren’t going to tournaments, "GNK"s or SCs anyway) that we might bring some of them back.

Could you give us some advice about the “power” of these cards in the modern meta? Should we remove some because they are too powerful?

We “banned” ETF, Kate and Noise.
We brought back GRNDL, TWiY (although the new NBN ID replaces TWiY, pretty much), Replicating Perfection, Andromeda and Whizzard.
Nobody cares about Weyland-BWBI :frowning:
We also brought back a couple of the rotated cards like Ireress, Profiteering, Curtain Wall, Next Bronze, Blue Level Clearance, Snowflake, TMI, Amazon Industrial Zone, Akitaro Watanabe, Corporate War, Crescentus, Quality Time, Deep Thought, Snowball, ZU.13 Keymaster, Public Sympathy, Fenris, Encryption Protocol, Janus 1.0, Sundew, Tsurugi, Shinobi, RSVP, Sweeps Week, Quandary, Subliminal Messaging, Quest Completed, Running Interference, Leverage, Garrote and finally Research Station.

We play with a “kitchen table” casual style.
Playing RP and GRNDL is always fun, Next Bronze makes the NEXT suit very good, Blue Level Clearence is great in all HB decks (especially after the Violet Level Clearance ban).

Another change we were considering is adding Temujin Contract back to the cardpool since most of our Criminal decks are kinda broke poor with the change that they are restricted to Criminal IDs (5 influence or something).

So what do you think, do you have any comments, criticism or suggestions?

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Allowing Curtain Wall and not Oversight AI makes this Blue Sun player very sad.


Temujin seems like a bit much, but what if you let Crims use Kati, Lucky Find, or even PPVP?

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Lucky Find has influence and is a double, Public Terminal is kinda like PPVP for criminals and still none of us use it.
We used to like Kati… maybe that would be enough?
Or just use Easy Marks :stuck_out_tongue: and Push your luck :smiley:


Too good, and limits other consols.

Oh, I agree…but, I think it’s less impactful than Temujin.

I would say temporarily give Criminals Kati Jones and John Masanori until fixed Account Siphon comes out.

Next Bronze may get silly with the new Next ICE out as well.