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Rotation (Genesis/Spin) Cube

Sorry if I’ve missed a discusión on this elsewhere. I searched the forum, and in Slack it references an effort to make a legacy cube and a post-rotation cube

So I sat down to creat a cube out the Genesis and Spin cycle cards, and wondered if there was already an effort by more experienced cube builders to do the same. As much as I love the idea of cube drafting, having to mix up my well-organized set to create one is a barrier (as is having 5 pri-reqs per player haha)

Anyway, my goal is to make a cube that any player who has collected all the cards can easily make from genesis and spin with minimal additional investment. A cube like this, while obviously not as good a card environment of the Stimhack cube, could end up being far more widely played if it is a cube anyone could easily make.

So some thoughts to start it off

  1. For nostalgia’s sake, I think it would be cool to include at least 1x each card (and some of course 2 or 3). Then again, for game play sake maybe it isn’t a good idea (if in this environment, some cards will simply NEVER be good).

  2. Use FFG’s draft starters? (but which ones? Cyber War?)

  3. Each cube probably 180 cards, as you probably want to cut it as small as you can for 4 players, but still allow for 10-10-10-10 or 15-15-15

This is a cross-post from reddit…don’t know if people post there and here. Anyway, I’d love to either hear from other people who are working on this now, or, if no one is, some advice from people more experienced than I am.

Genesis + Spin is a very small cardpool for a cube, the two cycles are 20 * 6 * 2 = 240 unique cards, or roughly 120 per side.

As you know a “regular” cube, such as stimhack, is 320 cards, and there have even been talks of making it bigger. Still, if you make a 4 man cube, that is 160 cards per side (runner and corp), which would mean 1 of each card + an additional copy of 1/3 of the cards.

I have not looked into card types, breakers etc so you might get way too few options on those too is a risk. Agendas for example, there are 23, so you’d need to add duplicates of half of the agendas to get up to the same agenda ratio as for the stimhack cube, this means you have expended a number of your options already.

I think that Genesis+Spin cube is just too small of a pool and you’d need to have a core set minimum to complete a cube, which then takes you out of the premise of as little additional cards as possible. Try again after next rotation…or Core2.0 :speak_no_evil:

I’ve just started taking my genesis/spin cards out of binders and putting them in sleeves for the ultimate purpose of making a cube. I think that 4-player cube (160 cards per side) is the biggest you could reasonably make-- there are [106 non-ID runner cards]
(https://netrunnerdb.com/find/?q=c%3A2|4+d%3Ar+t!identity&sort=faction&view=list&_locale=en) and 125 non-ID corp cards.

I was thinking I would just start with 2x of each card and run through a couple of drafts by myself just trying to build functional (and legal) decks, iterate on that a few times, and then start testing and refining.

Ah good god, just draft on jinteki, organizing a real life cube is a nightmare

With the new core… this should be possible when you buy new cores…

Why would you buy new cores? I mean, either you do for the cube, or you don’t, revised core does not change the equation.

I just bought a whole second collection and buy 2 of each pack to maintain my cube pool :slight_smile:

Robin Leach should do a spotlight on you