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Rotato Duel Decks

Just dawned on me yesterday that an interesting use of rotated cards might be for some static duel decks that present a snapshot more or less of a bygone period in ANR play. How would you try to build a PrePaid Kate with mainly/only rotated cards?

My wife has been out of the game for some time now, and would like to play kitchen table games without having to learn new cards. I’d like to design some duel decks for us using mostly/only rotated cards in order to not pillage from my regular cardpool but also to provide a deckbuilding challenge. How would you do something like this?

For starters, there are five obvious IDs to begin with: Kate, Andy, Whizz, EtF, and RP. A difficulty will be how to make something viable with the limited set of rotated agendas, but we do get some interesting ones to play with, ranging from ABT to Fetal. I sense Corp will be much tougher to build.

I dunno, just a thought experiment. Any ideas/suggestions?

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Are you thinking mainly rotated or entirely rotated cards? In terms of kitchen table games I figure you can make a lot of fun deck pairs from over the years with a very limited number of cards you’d have to go fetch for your modern list.

I haven’t given it a lot of thought but I’m inclined to think it’d be hard to make a fun deck that includes no legal cards.

I agree. But hey, what’s the fun of a thought experiment that’s easy? How about only rotated cards and draft starter cards?

This is my attempt at a Kate deck, using mostly rotated cards, but I had to include some stuff from Creation and Control to make it work:


And the ETF deck to play against it:



I like the idea of both of these decks, and they seem relatively balanced. Both rely a fair amount on common but not rotated cards, so it’s not a big hit on my everyday collection, too. Hm, I might give them a whirl and see how they turn out, thanks!

You might want to cut 3 things from the corp deck to run Jackson Howard, who I somehow forgot.

I think using some of the extra agendas from additional cores is a good idea. You’ll never miss using 2-3 PriReqs and/or 2-3 PSFs.

For that matter, I think all surplus core cards are fair game for this exercise. Armitage and Easy Mark are fair game!