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Roving Submarine: A Worlds 2017 Report, Part 2


Originally published at: https://stimhack.com/roving-submarine-a-worlds-2017-report-part-2/

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Great articles and attitude :slight_smile:


Great article, thanks for writing, and congratulations on making the cut at Worlds!


Inspiring and encouraging report for many reasons!


Congrats, sounds like you really put the work in and it paid off. I don’t think many people can come back from 0-4 at worlds, don’t sell yourself short :).


I’ll echo the congratulations and add that it’s awesome that you got a big tournament report up right away. I was looking forward to hearing more about this worlds but I assumed I’d have to wait more than a day or two. Thanks.


I had to get this stuff out of my head ASAP or I would never have been able to get a decent night’s sleep. :smiley:


Congratulations! Please consider yourself not only one of the top players in the world, but also a significant contributor to why this game and community are so great.

Thank you for your report, your optimism, and your humility. It would be an honor and a pleasure to sit across the table from you.