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Runaround - The Adam Thread


I know right?

Its kind of like, do you want quality draw or tutors?

Adam at least has a soft draw in faction, which can kind of alleviate some of the draw problem somewhat.

And Drug Dealer is very cheap, clickless draw that works with Lovegood to get you a pseudo Wyldside when stacked with Safety First.

Still, shelling out six to nine influence for x2/3 SMC is pretty killer for Adam, even if he benefits from Turning Wheel a ton.


I dunno I feel like due to him being the only neutral runner without breakers the IC for any other console is gonna be tough to swallow unless its maybe desperado since he HAS to run.


Agreed. He would need an in faction breaker or something that works really well with him that is a neutral ai to really sub out that influence.

And since Desperado is MWL right now I feel that is a tough bit to swallow. If it wasn’t MWL, it could be doable.


I strongly hope for at least some kind of in faction breaker. I’d like to see like a morph breaker, something akin to chameleon, only it legit gets killer/decode/fracter when you activate it’s morph ability. Otherwise, we’d need a current that does some sort of paintbrush effect or something.


I have a sneaky suspicion that the three cards are going to be all mini-faction currents.

I hope I am wrong, but if they are good they might help.

But yeah, Adam needs a breaker and Apex needs a way of playing non-virtual resources.


Honestly even a single typed breaker for adam would be great, as it would save influence and you could put in 3 so you can use the breaker search tools on the other types.

Nah I don’t think they should remove the uniqueness of Apex like that. What it needs is
a) A way to generate installed cards at a higher rate than it does currently
b) Something that consumes installed cards for economic value (since they can’t play Aesops, Chopbot is only card filtering, and wasteland doesn’t generate value on its own)
c) Like all mini-factions, a better way to get icebreakers
d) Event recursion - everyone else gets Same Old Thing for 0-influence and events have been kind of Apex’s thing.
e) something to mitigate the memory costs of its endless hunger rig


There’s this card from ONR which seems to fit the bill. The numbers would probably need to be completely redone, but seeing something like this for Adam would be interesting, I think.



Almost all of these could easily be solved if Apex could play Bazaar and Replicator together.


I didn’t know how badly I wanted that as an Adam card until now. Give it a more reasonable install cost and 2MU and I’m in love.


EXACTLY the card I thought of when I read @x3r0h0ur’s post :slight_smile:


With the last pack of the cycle now out - is anyone trying anything new and outside the box with Adam.
Wish there was a way to squeeze Bhagat into a build, I tried a few games with Rigged Results and it can be interesting when you land the Bypass. its almost like a breaker but when it doesn’t land its credits and the card down the drain. leaving you feeling pretty sad


Seems pretty win/win, so long as there are at least two pieces of ice.


I’ve only just landed the physical pack, but am planning to test Rigged Results as well. Other thoughts have been looking into a Fear the Masses build but can’t seem to find a sweet spot on # of copies vs Inf. Maybe go hand-in-hand with Bhagat and push the mill harder (but then why not just play Anarch)?


Anyone think a certain world champ card might be good in Adam? Would I be able to use it with always be running?


It’s not a Run Event so not off ABR, but yes I am looking very hard at that card :wink:


Sadly Dan’s card is only super viable in ppvp decks (it was prob balanced with ppvp being 0 inf). I think until we have a reason not to, faust is still your breaker suite as Adam, sadly. We in tag hell now to boys, shelve Adam till corps stop caring who you are again.


It’s not a run event, but neither are the click make a run programs that trigger off the card.

And you do spend part of your first click making a run, so I dunno. I can see both sides.


I think where it might fall down is that you aren’t forced to run as part of playing Deuces unlike Sneakdoor/Keyhole/etc.

Don’t get me wrong; if Deuces can trigger ABR it becomes a permanent part of my deck.


On the subject of Adam and the next pack, Injection Attack.

Will it be good in Adam? I can’t see why you wouldn’t want a cheap to play run event that can boost an icebreaker.

Especially since it makes cards like Overmind and the traditional Anarch breaker much, much better.


Hmm, I do like the combo with Overmind. How many pieces of strength 2+ ice do you need to break for it to be worth the slot, though?