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Runaround - The Adam Thread


Right on course with mine, basically https://netrunnerdb.com/en/deck/view/669825

Datasucker feels so necessary, since faust gobbles up your cards otherwise, even with E3. Otherwise I don’t think these could be any closer without collaboration.


I can’t view it you don’t have sharing set up.


Gotta remove the edit. try again


Whats the thoughts on Independent Thinking- I used to have it when I first started building Adam, then I dropped it now im pack to running 2 copies - love to hear some different thoughts or situations where you are using it


same as you. i’ve also gone back to including more copies of his directives now that i have 2 copies

i’m also trying a weird Cerberus / Brahman deck, so i probably shouldn’t be listened to when it comes to ideas about Adam


I’m not a fan of Independent Thinking. I’ve got two Lovegoods to eventually blank ABR, but I like to utilize the aggressive style.


Brahman has been pretty enjoyable in Adam and decks packing patron because you can draw the card back for next to no cost.

I think you pretty much have to consider Paricia if you pack Brahman into any deck though. It costs 0 to install, protects you against assets a little and can be bounced back over Multithreaders or whatever else is in your rig.


I always run 1 of IT, but its mostly like a stimhack for Faust. Typically I will leave an armitage with 2 laying around, and some other cards, I can blast them before levy’ing with 1 directive and then proceed with the infinite breaking power. I think you don’t want it just to permanently remove directives yet, otherwise you blank your ID essentially.


been having fun with turning wheel adam, it’s definitely a step up for him. I like the sound of this brahman jank - anyone have a list ehy’d be willing to share?


This is where I’m at with pretty good success, but I’m trying to look at him from another angle and rework the breaker suite. Testing includes Sage (which is nearly always a bad idea), will report back after testing.



so where are you testing? I feel like you and I need to do another testing video for adam and Geist


Right now im testing adam on tuesday night live jank night and eventually online, still have to take your geist out for a few games on jnet. Ill try to do that tonight, maybe we can look at next week after i get back in town for an episode.


I’ve been crushing with a modified version of that list for BB45. adam’s instant aggression is insanely powerful in a meta with no faust and only test run/special order for tutors. It’s a poster child for the meta of the format, imo!

in regular netrunner, I’m currently testing an alternative rig centered around Brahman, Scheherazade, a single d4, and a variety of different 0 cost programs. So far it feels really strong for getting accesses but it’s quite the influence hog, so the deck overall hasn’t found the sweet spot yet.


has there been any successful experimentation of running with a console other than Brain Chip?
not saying its the right move - just interested in hearing any feedback from what people have tried

maybe building the old school criminal run engine into Adam ( security testing , desperado, john masanori) ?


I think those cards are too expensive in terms of influence, sadly, because you’re right Adam would love it.


totally agree - where to spend the influence ( breakers , events, resources … ) is the hardest choice when looking at Adam. or maybe we just need to wait to see what he gets in the next cycle


Brainchip is soo good though, its such good design because it’s good but its best with him.


totally agree
but was curious if there was any testing data using other consoles


Brahman Adam has been surprisingly good in my experience. If I had enough influence to really cram everything in there, I think it would be at least competitive.

For now though, I am definitely enjoying the ride. I just wish I had more ways of finding all of my breakers.


Both Sunny and Adam decks always feel like they’re 4-5 influence short, where that influence would be spent on icebreaker tutors.