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Runaround - The Adam Thread


what if you hit a swordsman? A single mimic seems good to pack.


I haven’t in a long time. So I took mimic/inti out for Mammon.
If I see one, I lose a breaker. Then I ABR through it from there. If I see 2 stacked… I hope I never see 2.


I’m not convinced PPVP is any better than Temujin.

PPVP (12 inf):

  • PrePaid
  • Lucky Find ******
  • Deuces Wild ***
  • Levy 1x ***

Temmy J (12 inf)

  • Temujin *********
  • Career Fair ***
  • Daily Casts
  • Data Folding
  • Earthrise

I mean, PPVP makes your events better, but then you’ve got to clog up your hand with events until you’re ready to play them. Career Fair removes 2 cards from your grip with a single click. I think Career Fair directly helps your crucial hand management, and Deuces Wild’s draw can work against your hand management. Plus, I don’t think you get as much money out of the PPVP package as you do Temmy J.

I haven’t tried PrePaid Adam out, though, so am I missing anything?

Side note: Mammon, Dean Lister, and Deep Data Mining all seem like great includes. Super pumped to experiment!


new version is up here

I agree with your Math on Temmy J. But my argument is that for a runner like Adam Temmy J has gotten worse. Overmind counters are precious. ABR only gets 1 hit a turn. Corps are moving towards 1 remote builds at the moment, at least in my meta. Getting open access on any server with Adam is hard for me right now.


How frequently are you making use of the Expose and Tag removal aspects of Deuces? I know it’s a nonbo with PPVP but would Build Script and/or Process Automation work if you’re only using Deuces for draw?

EDIT: never mind, read your original list desc :slight_smile:


That’s totally fair. I’ve thought about including a Mammon as a “I ran out of Overmind counters” option, but I hate wasting influence on a card that is really just a safety net. My list isn’t running Levy, however, and I can see how Levy not only gives you 6 OMs but refuels your PPVP econ.

It will be interesting to see Adam after e3 rotates out. Not sure what he’ll do (maybe a few Uninstalls?).


:slight_smile: Yep! I find I am always happy when I draw Deuces. I appreciate the Deuces Mild cards, and if they were influence free I’d slot them in a heartbeat.

sidenote. WHY ARE THEY NEUTRAL??? put them in the minifactions
Peace in our Time: Sunny
Build Script: Adam
Process Automation: Apex.

Gives the minifactions a minor boost, while keeping it 1 inf for everyone else. This really aggravates me.


I’ve been thinking a lot about rotation. I think the entire idea of Adam will change with rotation.

e3 and Public Sympathy both are leaving us. LLDS Memory Diamond becomes the most reliable way of increasing handsize. Overmind cant be primary breaker anymore. Things are going to be rough.

Oddly, I’ve found myself using Mammon more than Overmind lately. Or at least, I am more liberal with my Overmind tokens knowing that I have a perpetual backup with Mammon. I usually preserve Dean Lister for Mammon runs now.


I disagree about Public Sympathy (I’ve moved away from both it and Brain Cage in my Adam build), but also am unsure what happens after e3 leaves. As you mentioned, there are other ways of increasing hand size aside from Sympathy that are sticking around for at least a little while.

I’ve yet to push Mammon in Adam (though it’s close for me). Are you planning on forgoing Overminds entirely to have Mammon and Multis to feed it mid-late game?


I have a build with LLDS diamand and Savant. I really don’t miss Public sympathy or brain cage. The question is what will happen without E3. I guess you have the spare mu for Adam’s support card that gives recurring creds? I see myself using Kati more. Just drawing and playing out cards while clicking up kati and stalking the remote. (instead of the early rush now)


Wish we could use Kati after e3 is gone! She’s rotating out too.

I think Mammon+Multithreaders will be the best long-term solution. Alternatively, I’ll probably try 3x Overmind + 2x Multithreader + 2x Uninstall.


Ow damn you are right. Overmind+scavenge might be good. Dark. Gonna be a tough cookie.


The problem I found was that Multis were making Overmind plays tough in the mid-game, but that was before Mem Diamonds, so maybe that’s offset the issue. Dean Lister is another alternative I think.

Heading to my first of 2 Regionals this weekend; after that I might test a Mammon build.


Took Adam to 3rd at my regionals today. Was the only non-Whizzard in the top4.



Congrats on 3rd! I’ve been playing Adam a lot lately. I commented on Netrunner, but maybe I should also bring up my questions here.

How often are you using Levy? With Find the Truth and Safety Truth/Drug Dealer, doesn’t that turn off Interdiction?


Grats man! Great to see, especially since our match-up in the ANZAC tourney :slight_smile:
ALas, my run at ACT Regionals did not go as well; 50% on the day.


Multis do fill up your hand with an Overmind rig, that’s true. Dean Lister seems to be the best alternative.

So there you have it! Mammon+Multis, or Overmind+Deans. :smiley:


Heres my glacier toppler, that has legs in other match ups. Maven is probably the best addition to Adam since Faust. You want 3 paricia anyway, go ham.

I’m looking to fit in artist colony and fan site, so that you can use that sweet shadow net for recursion and tutor. Maybe rely on FTT alone for “multiaccess” Maybe just turning wheel…who knows. Try it as is.



Adam Compulsive Hacker
25 influence spent (max 25, available 0)
45 cards (min 45)
Cards up to Terminal Directive
Event Event (10)

3x Dirty Laundry
2x Mad Dash
3x Sure Gamble
2x The Maker’s Eye ●●●●
Hardware Hardware (6)

2x Brain Cage
2x Brain Chip
2x e3 Feedback Implants ●●●●
Resource Resource (14)

2x Always Be Running
1x Armitage Codebusting
2x Bloo Moose
3x Daily Casts
1x Dean Lister
2x Earthrise Hotel
2x Film Critic ●●
1x Same Old Thing
Icebreaker Icebreaker (7)

2x Maven ●●●●● ●
2x Na’Not’K ●●
3x Overmind
Program Program (8)

2x Dhegdheer ●●●●
3x Multithreader
3x Paricia ●●●


Rotation is a bitch for adam. Ban list doesn’t help either. What’s left?

–> Mem Diamond adam?

–> Maven?

Any ideas?


Turtle as an Overmind + e3 replacement seems fine. If they ice all three centrals before you get counters you probably concede/flip the table, though.

Facechecking Chiyashi is pretty terrifying now, too.