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Runaround - The Adam Thread


Once terminal directive comes out, it feels like deep data mining could be a really strong include–late game you could easily have the full 4 free mem and get to access 5 cards. Too bad its 4 influence, but maybe a 1-of could be squeezed in?


1x with planned assault seems okay.


Do we start thinking PPVP at this point?


as soon as it was no longer on the MWL, everyone should have been thinking about it imo


Bloo Moose seems like a good one for a resource based Adam economy. 3x Career, 3x Timmy J, 3x earthrise, 3x daily casts, and then Bloo. It means each career fair is worth 3 for the resource cost reduction, then another two when removed from the game. Discounts coming and money back going makes the whole thing a huge economy engine, all the while running archives to see the top of R&D, and then Mad Dashing in.


Bloo Moose is an interesting one for sure. If you can keep feeding it, then its 1 more credit than a daily cast, but can potentially run forever (or until you’ve removed your whole deck from the game). That seems good, but I also wonder whether there’s a way to turn the downside into an upside. Maybe combine it with self-mill and use it to remove whatever you don’t want to draw for that matchup, so when you levy your deck is all good stuff?


I think the point of the card is to provide an alternative to recursion event based economies for decks.

And it is pretty great for that. It’s the baseline for that and coupled with either drop or Aesop’s it seems quite tasty.


Bloo Moose is a good fit for p much any deck tbh. i honestly can’t think of anything that can’t benefit at least somewhat from it (except like APEX cos it’s not virtual). even Levy decks will appreciate the thinning it provides, removing extra copies of consoles and other unique cards to help maximise your draws after the Levy, and if you’re still playing after all your Levies, you can start RFG everything else


I do wonder if bloo Moose is basically destined to be on the most wanted list.


It seems really, really good. Especially in a meta where you are running extra pieces to combat Skorpios and Hunter Seeker.


Bloo Moose is the number one card I’m looking forward to for Adam.


Someone talk me out of building Mammon + Dr. Lovegood + Multithreader Adam decks forever.


What’s the reason to use Mammon instead of Overmind for 0 inf?


Also Lovegood doesn’t do much for Mammon, all it does is let you preload the counters a turn early if you want.


Well, you can use multithreader to keep loading counters until the turn you are ready to run. Still doesn’t sound good, though.


Well, not using Overmind means that you can actually use Multithreader. Dumb combo aside it’s a nice card to have. Plus the image of the fat AI infinitely gobbling counters amuses me.

On another note, Dean Lister seems like a pretty usable neutral Stimhack in mono-breaker decks, especially late game when you’ve got a large hand size.


Hey all, I’m trying to get my Adam deck ready for regionals.
Comments would be very welcome.


Nice! I’ve considered PPVP Adam, but never got around to trying it out. Also considering taking him to regionals, so high-five!

This feels like generic advice and as neat as your solutions are, are they really better than 2 Aarons?
Draw is nice for PPVP, and you mentioned trouble with tagstorm. Heck, if you got up to 3 Aarons, it’s be easy to deal with MCA. And if you do end up going the Dean Lister route, know that he updates dynamically, so drawing a card mid-run would boost your breaker.


I like this build, and will certainly test PPVP as a temujin replacement in Adam. Have you tried testing deep data mining? Just a single copy gives you a nice late game plan for when you need to conserve your overmind counters, and you want a few same old things anyway. I’ve been experimenting with it a bit and I’ve felt its worth the 4 influence–especially since Adam tends to run enough draw to see it reliably by the late game. It synergizes with PPVP too. And I’d second the idea of running a dean lister or two, for the same reason–gives you a way of challenging a late game stacked server to find the last 2 points, which can sometimes be a challenge in Adam.


Dean Lister is AMAZING. I’ve been testing him today and I’m in love. quite a few things are getting juggled around for him. But so far he is working out.