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Runner ID tier?

Hi all, as usual when I get back in a meta I like to get a broader idea of whats good. My impreseion is corp must be weaker atm due to agenda flood but I can see a variety of strong corp decks.

Im more concerned with runner competetive decks seemingly limited to just anarch (valencia, freedom, maxx)? Are there runner decks in the same tier as these guys? Due to how good macrophage is vs anarch and turtle (so like every deck I have atm) Im wondering if there’s strong shaper options in particular? If anyone has the energy to list popular ID’s by tier that’s be nice too.

Hayley is top tier. Easily as good as the ones listed. 419 is decent of you’re a good pilot. Liza is really good if you’re confident there’s no murder around.


Would anyone agree that hayley is on the same level as anarchs atm? Experimenting w her atm but proco honestly seems a bit of a joke, further testing needed. The Kabonesa reavershop build by beyoken looks about equally decent too.

Hayley testing: https://netrunnerdb.com/en/decklist/52609/spoon-hayley-6-1-at-worlds-

Aaaand…I folded hard to NEH with amani senai. Proco is just a joke economy vs these kinds of decks I think it’s anarch meta yet again…

If anything this looks better but relies so hard on mulling for aesops:

Yeah, I’d say Hayley cab easily hold against yellow decks. Amani is annoying for sure, though. Overall, I’d say you need to be a little less aggressive in the early game, as you build up power and cash for later when you can afford to make better runs.

Really, I’d say it comes down to your personal comfort level when playing as Hayley, and Shaper in general. I know several people that played Anarch at Worlds that didn’t do great, and kicked themselves for not playing Shaper, because they just know the deck and playstyle better.


I agree with others. There’s a top tier runner in each faction. If there’s no HPT, an aggressive Liza deck like this is very solid (maybe stronger than Anarch in most match-ups):


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