Runner T-Shirts

So a few years ago I was working on some Netrunner stuff and had some artwork done. It’s been sitting around collecting dust. Just pulled them up as I was digging through my archives reminiscing and realized that some of this art would make good T-Shirts.

So take a look and answer the poll! If there’s enough interest, I’ll have my artist tweak them a bit and we’ll put them up on a T-Shirt site somewhere for purchase!

  • Absolutely!
  • Meh. Not interested.

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UPDATE July 2nd:

First versions w/ the icons only for Runners are up at RedBubble. I’m working on versions that look good given the printing methods and t-shirt options with the names + tag lines + etc. I should have those up by the 4th.

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Absolutely, but double absolutely if there aren’t any words.


A few years ago places like red-bubble had a bunch of Netrunner T-Shirts and then poof, they were gone (probably by a C&D).

That said, I would happily throw money at that Shaper and Jinteki shirt.

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Was it official artwork? Obviously this is derivative, which I would hope would be fine? IANAL.

Also, license going away, would they care either way?

One of my shirts was the Jackson Howard Last Supper Shirt, another was the Shaper symbol with Kate’s quote on it.

IMO, I don’t think they would care–but I would also keep in mind that those corps and factions are still part of the FFG Android Setting (which is still going to be active with FFG).

I say don’t let your dreams just be dreams! :slight_smile:

Just to be sure, I’ll give a drop time for when they go on sale. Get in fast and maybe a C&D wouldn’t prevent you from getting a shirt…

Also considering making a bundle of stickers and taking them to Worlds…

They look super cool and I’d totally buy a t-shirt, except I think it would look much better still without the text.

The only thing is that for us Europeans, ordering from most US-based shirt-printing sites incurs insane shipping costs + taxes upon import, so is usually not feasible. This is why we are essentially financially shut out from almost all cool Netrunner merchandise people have made.

However, there are sites that also have a European base, avoiding this issue.
So, if you can at all manage, it would be great if you offered them on such a platform! Redbubble is such an example.

I’ve had a few other requests for Shirts w/o the text so I’m working on multiple options.

As far as Europe: I’m looking for the right PoD company that is Internationally friendly. I just applied to Merch by Amazon which I believe will have great shipping rates for non-US people. Otherwise I think Redbubble has Europe friendly rates? Also looking at Threadless and Teepublic (Teepublic might be the most expensive for International).

Trying to be cognizant of the non-US struggle. :slight_smile:


Teepublic has very reasonable international rates. Less than $10 USD is many cases…

First versions are up on RedBubble. I have some in-progress @ TeePublic as well…

More to come this week so if these don’t do it for you, just hang on!


they look great!

I actually really like the Anarch one on a Brown T-Shirt. It looks really great.

My brother got these, and they look fantastic! @netizen01 do you have any plans to make Corp shirts? I would buy them in an instant!

Sweet! Have some pics?

And yes - planning on doing some. Need to get them done this week so people can order them in time for Worlds…

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@netizen01, even with an inside job he couldn’t bypass the opportunity to get this criminal shirt.


I’d probably be the only one, but I’d be down for a GlobalSec shirt. Gotta represent.


@netizen01, this is shaping up to be a great design!