Runner vs Corp win% Data

I’m wondering what the actual status Netrunner is in terms of being Corp favored or Runner favored. @stormzbowler very kindly posted a very detailed breakdown of runner and corp wins from their Regional event in the US regional thread Corp vs Runner win percetages.

It was very interesting to see the breakdown of how each corp and runner ID performed and that Corp had a high win percentage but it’s hard to make any broad conclusion based on that data. So if anyone else had data, it would be wonderful to have a consolidated place to post and discuss it.


We used to have the data for the “online” meta via OCTGN’s data dumps over at slaghund; by checking consistently over time we could break things down by date, which was really cool. It would be really awesome if FFG’s tournament software just did things (and bonus points for uploading the data to a central service like but with the level of detail that NRDB has.

I’ve asked a couple of times for similar data via, but haven’t heard anything about it. But then I’ve heard all kinds of bad things about playing on so who knows if that’s good or what.

But hey, I do this sort of thing (online data and game services) for a living, so my expectations are… high for what is a pretty small product, I guess :slight_smile:


@mtgred any chance of some jinteki stats


I think is a pretty good site, and think we’d all benefit if more people contributed data to it.


Yeah, it does great work tracking the factions in general! It would be nice to go more granular :slight_smile:


If we had all of the raw data from Jinteki, we’d probably see some very odd things; people try a lot of rough prototype decks and jank on there. Would it be possible to get the data from the SHL game results? I know we aren’t explicitly tracking that data right now, but SHL games are reasonably close to what people are willing to bring to tournaments.


I don’t think they are logged anywhere except user comments on the challenge boards, and even then you can only see the most recent block of games.

I log my own, and corp is coming out ahead at the moment by approx. 8 percentage points, but that may just be a function of my efficacy with corp over runner , or a small sample size (~50 games), or most likely nobody had a clue how to beat IG for a couple of weeks.

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We definitely don’t have the data for this right now, but I think the SHL data is much more valuable than the general Jinteki data is.

I think it would be fair to compare most games on Jinteki to a weekly friendly Netrunner night; a field of lots of jank and/or experimental decks (I had a lot of fun with the Heinlein Troll once upon a time), not serious tournament decks. SHL games tend to be played around the SC level, which is the data we really want.

Maybe just the data from the competitive channel would work? It’s still not perfect, but I think the data from every game on Jinteki would paint an inaccurate picture of competitive play.


I really don’t believe that corps other than IG have a higher win rate. If IG were removed from the equation entirely, I think the remaining games would have more runner wins, due to the number of silver bullets for every other worthwhile corp strategy.

I sometimes post the data from my local Store Champs and GNKs. Our meta isn’t huge so this is obviously not respecting the global meta.

At one of our bigger tournaments we had an exact 50/50 matchup between corps and runners. At two of our more recent smaller tournaments though things were skewed towards the Corp side.

One thing to note is that Faust is only mildly popular here, if it was the mainstay of every runner deck things might be a little different. (That said I’d be happy if they did, as I tech all my decks with Faust in mind)

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Why? The point of this post is to invite data to a discussion that has been dominated by feelings in lieu of data. I think we need to really look at actual results from competitive tournaments to get a more accurate picture of the meta.


Madison Results by corp ID

This is just one regional, but 10 out of the 17 IDs played had win rates at or over 50%. IG didn’t even have a particularly good showing, being the third-winningest ID in Jinteki. Yes, it’s a small sample size, but it shows corps are doing well across the board, with the slightly bizarre exception of HB.

This also shows the benefit of granularly reported tournament data, massive props to @stormzbowler for posting it.


At our most recent store championships on 23 April it was pretty clear that Corp was dominant. I don’t have the actual statistics but game after game it was Corp wins. Of the 8 games I played I won all of my Corp match ups (with a slightly non-optimised NEH) and lost all but one of my runner games playing cutlery Wizard - Which kind of makes me smirk at all of this anti-Faust propaganda. I found that I simply couldn’t keep up with the speed of the corps. And a lot of these were asset rich glacier style decks. The games went so quick that I didn’t even get to set up wildcakes in 2 of the match ups. Unfortunately it seems like we are back where we were about a year ago with Corp dominance. It seems like we had a sweet spot near the end of the San San cycle, before data and destiny came out where Runner felt competitive. Now it feels like the meta has swung back to “Corp wins!”

Do you know if the store tracked corp/runner wins and if they would be willing to share that data?