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Running on Italics: Breaker Bay [Runner]

I thought everything happened in New Angeles. Kati references it, the core rulebook only ever mentions New Angeles. The only times I ever thought anything ever happened outside of the city (or sprawl, whichever), was when a region was placed down for a Corp (or runner, in the case of Earthrise Hotel).

Of course it isn’t. But that doesn’t mean there aren’t callbacks.

I have just one thing to say about the flavour in this pack:

Comet belongs to Hayley. It’s Hayley’s Comet. HAYLEY’S FREAKIN COMET. DEM PUNS THO.

Yea, we’re pretty sure that one could remain unsaid :stuck_out_tongue:

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Yes, it is Hayleys console, ffs she is on the frikking card. And yes the console has the same ability as she has. And no, they have no synergy and they should never be in the same deck.

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I actually never caught it. XD

I’m only capable of recognizing obvious things at certain times of day. :smile:

I’m just thinking that maybe in that era, the London Library is this very prestigious collection of programs, that is included with tuition. Hence, it just takes the time (clicks) to physically head to it, and use it. I know in the future, there will be super-interconnectivity of everything, but, I wonder if there will be a backlash, or some local access based on actual physical location. Would help make a little more sense of Hacktivist, as well.

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It could have something to do with “licensing”. Software companies today often offer free or reduced software to students so it could be that the runner is using their clicks to gin up fake student credentials for temporary trial licenses of programs. That kind of conflicts with the idea that icebreakers are garage projects made by other runners, but it’s not like there wouldn’t be commercial applications for intrusion software.


Alternatively, the Library does host all those “garage” projects that get turned into icebreakers. They likely have some disguised utility or something (like Study Guide), but they come with an auto-wipe to prevent hacking. So you go and borrow a Femme (or whatever she masquerades as), say, because “I’m working on this project to, like, make defensive systems that can’t be bypassed, right?” and then go home and use her. But if she’s not back in the library by the end of the day, that bit of built-in DRM on the library version wipes the file from the disk. You can maybe scavenge something out of the code, or run a clone copy, or rip out the DRM on your own time, but the Library file will be gone. Alternatively, you can just take it back and check it out again the next day, or maybe go see if you can borrow a duplicate copy.

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I also like how the flimsy anonymity provided by a dorm computer won’t keep you safe from NBN’s sophisticated cross-referencing traffic tracers. The source machine still narrows you down to some few dozen people, and NBN knows everything about everyone. Given enough processing time to crunch through their humongous datapools, the Data Raven will eventually be able to mine out who you are.