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Running on Italics: Breaker Bay [Runner]

Originally published at: http://stimhack.com/running-on-italics-breaker-bay-runner/

Discuss the latest article by Cee and Ess here.


Cannot love these enough.


If only we knew who Cee and Ess were!


They are our mysterious #flavourboys


Hayley has actually been mentioned in flavor text earlier… look at sharpshooter, it matches her ability. Both Cee and Ess should have played this card numerous times. :slight_smile:

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I think London Library’s trash cost makes sense. Kind of when you borrow a book digitally from the library now, or rent a movie online. After the expiration is up, it’s unusable. Is it literally ‘trashed’? No, but it is no longer usable. In the actual card game, trashing makes sense.


I think Tyson Observatory flavour is supposed to be something like:
“It’s a dark and remote location, almost no light, so you go there and met your hardware dealer. It costs you one click to go, one to go back” That the best thing I can come up with :smiley:

Also, keep the articles coming guys, this is a great series of articles to read!


they way many library computers work is that whenever a session ends or at the end of the day, everything is automatically wiped (files saved onto the system, search history, etc.), and the system is reverted to a default state.


My assumption with london library is you’re using it for your “work”, but anything you upload is wiped at the end of the day if you don’t back it up. Makes perfect sense.

I also thought beach party was an A. Handsize seems to represent your social circle and the people you have access to; card draw the ideas and leads they bring you. Cultivating a circle of friends should give you increased handsize, and then draw you lots of cards when you all go to the game.

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This series gets an A++ in my book.

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I appreciate the Why I Run plug :smile:


I kind of wish beach party was renamed to “yoga class” or something similar. Mental and spiritual harmony leads to inspiration after all, right?

I’ll admit we maybe missed a little on London Library :P. Though I don’t see why library hardware would be any better than dorm computers for running, or why using the library machines would make your normally very costly femme fatale free??

The issue I have with Beach Party is that trying to model hand size as some kind of connection based mechanic seems dodgy at best when you take into account all the other effects that interact with the hand.

As far as cards that only interact with the Runners hand size, they all are either brain-related (Mental Health Clinic) or are things that directly augment your rig/interface in some way. I’ve seen Public Sympathy mentioned in support of Beach Party, but the flavour there pretty clearly indicates that Kate is undergoing some medical therapy thanks to public donations (and so having this trashed cuts off her funding and thus her continued therapy).

Chairman Hiro and Bagbiter are the ones I’m struggling to explain with this model. But the rest fit.

Well, inspiration is typically modeled with card draw, but I definitely see Yoga Class as a better name for this effect (but still not perfect). It makes more sense in that would, theoretically, relax you, allow you to think more clearly something something, and corresponds to better capacity.

Actually, something like “Memory Training” would be a great name, you could pair it with flavour that references memory techniques like mind palaces or similar heuristics.

I remember in the Honor and Profit flavor insert that Iain knew that Chairman Hiro was watching him. Could it be that Hiro’s existence in a runner’s life causes undue stress which may lead to them not being at full capacity mentally? It’s the best thing I can come up with…

Oh, dude, we super appreciate Why I Run! Thanks so much for making it, it’s a magnificent rendering of so much that is beautiful and joyous and cynical about Netrunner :smiley:

Though as a Criminal at heart, I found it mildly upsetting that you let your clear Shaper bias sneak into the endings :stuck_out_tongue:

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Oh man. I really really want this to be the case, but I’m pretty sure the Prof, lorewise, works at Levy University, whereas Haley is a student at UCBB. (We figure Levy is the analogy to MIT, especially given the analogy between Levy AR Labs and MIT Media Labs, whereas UCBB is clearly UC Berkeley.)

And the fact that Levy AR Lab Access is a reprint of MIT West Tier.

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Now you are assuming that they need to be at the same place. I am guessing neither of you are in Sweden, but you are still talking with me because you have similar interests as me. The prof and Hayley clearly have the same hobbies/interests and their world is even more connected than ours, so it is not that far fetched that they could have some sort of connection.

According to character assassination Levy is located in New Angeles. And after NBN destroyed his reputation, he might have moved to California and started working there when things cooled off.

I think it all fits together quite nicely.


Old netrunner lore isn’t the same as Android lore. They only share some mechanics together, no lore at all.